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"I need a tool that helps me build better relationships when I can't be there in person."

Jeff uses video email to build relationships and stay in touch with important people in his life.

"Since I'm always on the go I need a solution that works everywhere; even in my car."

BombBomb's free mobile app helps you create and send video on the go.

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BombBomb Mobile

"My brand needs to be memorable so putting it in every email is important."

Jeff's prospects and clients receive a branded email with a video that plays on every device.

"I'm always looking for tools to help people know, like, and trust me quicker and easier"

Video helps Jeff create a lasting connection, build a relationship, and sell a home faster.

Can I ______________ with BombBomb?

  • yes! Can I upload video from my phone?
  • yes! Can I get notified when my emails are opened?
  • yes! Can I get notified when my videos are opened?
  • yes! Can I share videos on social media?
  • yes! Can I use BombBomb on my iPhone?
  • no! Can I NOT be the Bomb?
  • yes! Can I use BombBomb on my Android?
  • yes! Can I record and send videos through Gmail?

Learn 3 Ways Agents Win with Video

An interactive PDF with examples of how agents are using video to grow their business.

"Just get over it and shoot video. It's easy!"

- Jeff Rubenstein, CEO The Rubenstein Group

Ft. Collins, CO