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BombBomb Does Lots of Amazing Stuff... You'll See.

Making Emails

Create your email or video email in the Email Editor or send video fast with the Quick Send.

Easily create, send, and track all the results of both traditional and video emails. Send rich video emails, simple video messages, or even traditional text and image emails.

Tracking Results

Know exactly how effective your send is and with whom you should follow up.

BombBomb tells you exactly who's opening your emails, clicking your links, watching your videos, and much more. Get metrics for an email's history, an individual send, and an individual contact.

Sending Automatically

Set it up once and let video email go to work for you.

BombBomb lets you send individual emails or an entire series of emails automatically. Introduce yourself with a video email autoresponder. Nurture relationships with entire drip campaigns.

Mobile Video Email

Send emails and video emails, keep an eye on your results, and more with our mobile app for iPhone/iPad and for Android.

Real-Time Alerts

Get alerted live - in real time - as your contacts open, click, and play. Follow up immediately - when you're absolutely top of mind.

HTML Templates

Send beautiful emails in HTML templates that you bring in, that our professional designers make just for you, or that you pick from our free library.

Lists & Contact Management

Easily work with your lists for targeted sending. Segment new lists based on your analytics. Update specific details about your individual people in your lists.

Chrome Extension

You don't have to be in your account to send video emails. Send straight from the Google Chrome internet browser with the BombBomb extension.

Document Hosting

Include PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, mp3, and zip files in your emails - and know exactly who looks at those files.

Industry-Leading Deliverability

BombBomb is a white-listed, permission-based email service provider. We actively monitor and build our sending reputation to make sure your emails get successfully delivered.

Send to One, Many, or All

Some services are about mass emails. Others only let you send to one person at a time. BombBomb makes it equally easy to send one-to-one, one-to-many, or one-to-all.

Scheduled Sending

Send your video email immediately or schedule it to be sent automatically at any day and time in the future.

Works With Any Device

You shoot video with any device. Your contacts play it back on any device.

iPhone, iPad, Android, webcam, camcorder, DSLR, Flip cam - you can shoot videos with any camera you've got.

Mobile device, laptop, desktop, webmail - your contacts can open your email and play your video with any device.

Smart Video Streaming

Give your contacts a great video experience automatically.

When you put a video into BombBomb, we turn it into more than a dozen versions of that video.

Then, when you send it out in email, we detect both the device and quality of internet connection of each of your contacts at the time of open and serve them the most ideal version of your video. Automatically!

Video Analytics

BombBomb tells you who watched your video, when, and on which device. See your total views, recent views, views by day, and more. We'll even tell you how long people are watching your video.

Reply With Video

The highest form of engagement - a reply ... but with video! Using their webcams or mobile devices, your contacts can reply to you with their own videos - even if they're not BombBomb customers.

Easy Video Input

Record video straight into your emails with your webcam, smartphone, or tablet. Shoot video with any device, perhaps edit it, then upload it into your account and drop it into an email. Add a video from your YouTube account to your email with a link.

Video Hosting

BombBomb is both an email service provider and a video hosting service - like a targeted, closed-channel YouTube. Your videos become an unlimited library. Use them in emails, websites, blog posts, or anywhere else you'd like. And track the views.

Unlimited Videos

Whether by uploading or by recording live, you can put an unlimited number of videos into your account. Just do what you need to do to build relationships and grow your business.

Viewer Engagement

How long should my video be? Are people enjoying my videos? You'll know with our simple, color-coded bar showing how long people watched your videos.

Practically Unlimited Size

Each video can be up to 2.5GB in size, larger than YouTube or Vimeo allows. That's enough for a feature length film. So, it's practically unlimited.

It's Easy to Spread the Word

Share Directly to Top Social Networks

Share your emails, forms, and videos directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ with one click inside your BombBomb account.

Share with your short URL.

Every email, form, and video has a unique, shortened web address, so you can share that link anywhere, even as a simple landing page.

Share from the video player.

You and your viewers can share your video to Facebook or Twitter or use the embed code from the video player.

Share from the Email Inbox

Allow your contacts to share your email to Facebook or Twitter, to forward your email, or to reply to you with their own video.

BombBomb Mobile App

Use BombBomb from your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Shoot and send video email. Track your results. Tweet out emails, forms, and videos. Enjoy many of the benefits of BombBomb with our iPhone/iPad or Android mobile app.

Just search "BombBomb" in the App Store or Google Play Store. Log in with your BombBomb email address & password.

Mobile Email Opens

Email opens on mobile devices have surpassed desktop opens (like Outlook) and webmail opens (like Gmail).

BombBomb's mobile friendly - and helps you reach people everywhere they are.

Mobile Video Playback

iPhones and iPads account for more than three quarters of mobile email opens. They also provide the best video in email experience with BombBomb.

Grow Your Permission-Based Email Lists

Capture Leads

Capture leads passively by putting forms on your website or blog, by sharing it out on social media, or even linking to it in Craigslist, Google Adwords, or anywhere else.

Capture leads passively by putting a form shortcut on the home screen of your smartphone and tablet.

Make Exactly What You Want & Need

Customize Completely

Add videos and graphics to your forms to increase form fills.

Add custom fields to collect the exact information you need.

Control the appearance with complete access to the form's CSS.

Follow Up Immediately

Get Alerts

Automatically notify one or more people every time your form gets filled out. Then, follow up immediately - when you're absolutely top of mind.

Respond Automatically

Automatically send a video email autoresponder or start a drip campaign as soon as your form gets filled out.

Add People To Lists

From any form, people can be added to one or more of your contact lists.

Share To Social

Build your permission-based email list by sharing your form to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other spots.

See Your Results

See a list of everyone who filled out the form and all the details they provided. See charts with responses for any field with multiple choices from drop-down lists or check boxes.

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