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Mar 2014

Video Email Tip: Look into the Video Camera Lens

Seems obvious, right? If you’re going to try to connect with other people, you want to make eye contact.

If you’re connecting through video email – one of the best alternatives to actual face to face – you need to make that eye contact by looking into the video camera lens. Continue reading

Feb 2014

Send Video Email from Your Gmail Inbox

We’ve long had a BombBomb Extension for the Google Chrome internet browser. It allows you to pop open the Quick Send without going into your BombBomb account or into the BombBomb mobile app. It’s right there in your browser.

Along with some upgrades to that extension, you can now send video email from inside your Gmail inbox Continue reading

Jan 2014

Video Tips & Ideas with Mobile Agent TV

Earlier this month, some of the BombBomb team headed up to Toronto for RE/MAX KickStart. We presented simple video tips to help real estate brokers and agents build relationships.

Michael Thorne of RE/MAX Little Oak near Vancouver and Melanie Galea with RE/MAX Fort McMurray in Alberta Continue reading