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Aug 2014

Real Estate Tech Coach: “Forget Video in Your Marketing”

Forget video in your marketing. Read those words again. How do they sound in your head?

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Aug 2014

4 Ways to Use Video to Grow Your Business

BombBomb makes it easy to connect with people, build relationships, and grow your business with video. In this video, Darin Dawson, co-founder and Chief Relationship Officer, shares 4 ways to use video to grow your business.

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Oct 2013

Video Cameras, Tripods, Microphones, and More – BombBomb Tech Store

Many of the most frequently asked questions here at BombBomb are about video tools: video cameras, tripods, microphones, editing software, and similar. We’re always happy to answer those questions, but we’ve recently taken it a step farther.

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Jul 2013

Ways To Use Video Email: Personal, One-To-One Connection

Though you can send to large databases with BombBomb, one of the best ways to use our video email marketing software is personal, one-to-one sending. In terms of both use case and execution, you have many ways to make and send one-to-one. This post is about use cases.

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Jun 2013

Ways To Use Video Email: Personal Video Business Card

We appreciate all our customers. Among them: long-time BombBomber Pete Green of Dynamic Mortgage Services in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. He’s always in touch, replies to newsletters, shares great ideas, uses the software incredibly well, sends video tips to real estate, mortgage, and title professionals, and more.

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Jun 2013

Great Time To Send Video Email: When There’s News

People often ask when to send video email and what to say. Opportunities to communicate with video in email are as diverse and numerous as the individuals, businesses, and organizations across the country and around the world using BombBomb. “Thank you” is one of my favorites.
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