May 2012

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Getting Started with Video Email – Intro Webinar

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Every Wednesday morning at 12pm Eastern / 11am Central / 10am Mountain / 9am Pacific, we offer a free training webinar called “Getting Started with Video Email.”


This webinar covers all the basics of BombBomb, including getting your email contacts and lists into your account, uploading and recording videos into your account, then making, sending, and tracking the results of your emails and video emails. It should get you up and running with our video email marketing software.


In addition to about 45 minutes of show and tell, we do about 15 minutes of live questions and answers, so that your specific needs and interests get addressed.


Click below to play a recording of this intro to video email webinar held on Wednesday, May 2, 2012.


Getting Started with Video Email – Full Webinar:


We offer this intro webinar live every Wednesday. We also offer an advanced webinar – “Getting The Most From Video Email” – every other Thursday.


Attend An Upcoming Webinar: Intro and Advanced Dates and Times


Watch Our Training Series: Video Email How-To Lessons


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