Jun 2012

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How-To: Follow Up Quickly With People Based On Their Video Email Interaction

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The BombBomb video email marketing software is a powerful sales and marketing tool.  Video email marketing helps you build trust and build relationships with your prospects, customers, colleagues, and community in a closed, targeted, and permission-based channel.


We’ve just added a simple feature that allows you to follow up quickly with people based on their specific interaction or engagement with your emails and video emails.


Email opens, link clicks, and video plays can be the basis for adding people to an existing list or as the foundation of an entirely new list!



How-To: Make A Segmented List of People Based On Their Interaction With Your Video Email




Screen Grab: Segment From Top of Email Performance Screen

From the “Emails” tab, click to “track” any one of your emails.  At the top, you’ll notice the “segment” link next to Opens, Clicks, and Plays.
When you click one of those text links, you’ll be able to add all the people who interacted or engaged with your video email in that way to an existing list or to create a new list of those people.
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Screen Grab: Segment From Click Mapping Area of Email Performance Screen

Below the main tracking area seen in the screen grab above is the “click mapping” area for your email.  You can see how many times each link in your email got clicked.
When you one of the little black and white click mapping data boxes, you’ll get the same segmenting options – add those people to an existing list or create a new list of those people.
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This new feature allows you to follow up quickly and easily with people specifically interested in your message, offer, or call to action in your email or video email.
The applications for this are many and varied.  It seems especially useful in a sales and prospecting situation.
As always, we love your feedback.  If you have anything to share with us about this feature – or about video email in general – simply contact BombBomb!





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