Jul 2012

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Video Email for Sales and Marketing: Lead Nurturing

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The previous post described BombBomb video email and Real-Time Alerts for prospecting. Here, the sales and marketing benefits of our video email marketing software are described in the context of nurturing leads.


Video: Lead Nurturing with Video Email




Unfortunately, there are many businesses and organization that obtain opt-in email addresses from prospective customers and never email them. Why is that? My guess is that time, or lack there of, is a big factor. Perhaps another contributing factor is a lack of know-how regarding which leads to spend time following up on and which ones to let fall to the wayside.


There are two instances in which our sales team will follow up with inbound leads – when someone request to have a “See It In Action” video email example sent to them (click here to have one sent to you) and when someone signs up for a 14 Day Free Trial (click here to sign up for a trial with BombBomb).


The “See It In Action” leads immediately receive one email to experience video email for themselves.  The email, as well as a follow-up phone call, encourage the next step – starting a free trial of the software (unlimited email and video email sending to up to 50 contacts for 2 weeks).


The 14 Day Free Trial leads are dropped directly into a drip campaign.  Our software automatically sends six emails – on the first day of the trial, then on the third, seventh, eleventh, thirteenth, and final days.  They also get personal phone calls at various point throughout the trial (please note that email frequency can and should vary by industry and context of user opt-in).


The purpose of each video email and phone call is to educate and inform about the uses and benefits of the BombBomb video email marketing software.  The goal of this lead nurturing, of course, is to move people from free trial to full customer.


Once your lead nurturing drip campaign is set up, the process is automated.  You have the ability to check in on email engagement and remove converted leads when desired, but the process can run in the background, allowing sales and marketing departments to focus on other tasks.


Video: A Look At The Software From A Lead Nurturing Perspective




*BombBomb Sales Tip – If your lead-to-drip is automated within BombBomb (which can be time-effective), I’d recommend utilizing our email segmentation tool which allows you to take those who have interacted with your email and retarget those leads and abandon the ones who never engaged in the email. By segmenting your interested leads from those who are not, you can spend your time on leads which are most likely more qualified.


If you’re already a customer, see what pieces of our sales and marketing process can be adapted to what you are currently doing. We’d love to hear how you’re using video email to grow your business.


If you are not currently using BombBomb in your sales and marketing process you can sign up for our 14 Day Free Trial and experience how it can help you nurture leads and build relationships.



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