Jul 2012

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Real-Time Alerts Improve Video Email for Sales and Marketing

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If you’re using BombBomb video email marketing software to build and nurture relationships, convert leads, and retain customers, your sales and marketing effort just enjoyed a very nice improvement.


You now have the ability to set up real-time alerts. Our system will automatically send you a notification whenever a recipient:

  • Opens your email
  • Plays your video
  • Clicks your link(s)


You get to decide whether or not to receive these alerts – and exactly which alerts you’d like to get.


If you have several links in your email, you can set it up to notify you only when one or two of them gets clicked.  If, for example, you have links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts built into your template – plus a link to a landing page for a special offer just in this email, you may only want to know when someone’s going to your landing page.


It’s a great way to follow-up with people as activity and interaction are happening – in real time. You’ll know exactly who’s engaged with your message or offer – in whichever ways you deem most important – and have their contact information immediately available.



Video – Why Real-Time Email Alerts:




What You Get In A Real-Time Alert:

When you receive a real-time alert from BombBomb about activity happening with your email or video email, you’ll have everything you need to follow-up with people right there.


All the details you have in your BombBomb account about a particular person are included in the notification email.  If you’re receiving the alerts on your iPhone, iPad, Droid, or other mobile device, then, you’re one touch away from having the interested and engaged person on the phone.


Elements of the real-time alert email you receive include:

  • An inbox “From” name of BombBomb.com
  • Simple, clear subject line and headline (Contact) (Activity) (Email Name)
  • Time of email send and time of specific alert activity
  • Link to all the tracking data of that email
  • Thumbnail image of the email you sent
  • As much of the individual contact’s details as you have in your BombBomb account


Here’s an example of an “email open” alert.  I created and sent to my Gmail address the “Sample Email for Real Time Alert.”  I turned on the “email open” alert before the send.  Notice the headline, the send/open time stamps, the link to the email tracking screen, the thumbnail, and all the contact details.

If I was a lead or a customer of yours, you could reach out to me knowing I’d opened your email.  This becomes even more powerful when you know that I’ve also watched your video and clicked an important link.


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Video – Setting Up Your Real-Time Alerts:



Setting Up Your Real-Time Email Alerts:


Setting up your alerts is very straightforward.  The video above walks through all the details.


A few key points:

  • In the email editor, find the alerts options on the bottom left of the screen below your email
  • Choose which addresses should receive the alert(s); your main account email is there by default
  • Check (or leave unchecked) the boxes for email opens and video plays
  • We auto-detect the links in your email (anchor text will be displayed for text links)
  • Check (or leave unchecked) the boxes for each link click


NOTE: this option is only available for sends to up to 50 contacts. Imagine, for example, what your inbox might look like if you opted for alerts on 2 or 3 activities for an email you sent to 1,800 people.


Real-time alerts are best used for important and targeted emails to individuals or to very specific prospect or customer segments.


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Send Video Email and Get Real-Time Alerts:


  • http://ThatInterviewGuy.com michael

    Will alerts work if someone has opened my email on their mobile device to watch the video?
    My understanding is that heat mapping and other types of analytics cannot be tracked form mobile views.
    Many Thanks,

    • http://www.BombBomb.com Ethan Beute

      Yes! The real-time alert is triggered by plays on all devices. The ability to heatmap only in the Flash player is a completely separate function.