Jul 2012

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Productivity Shortcut: Copy Your Video Emails and Custom Forms

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Love a good shortcut? So do I! Here’s one that saves time and helps you segment your messaging more tightly.


If you’re not using the “copy” button in the BombBomb video email marketing software, you’re missing a great, little productivity tool. It gives you a quick way to make new variations of your video emails and custom forms.


Video: Copying Your Video Emails and Custom Forms



When you have an email or video email you like very much, but need or want to make slight variations to send it again to a different person or different prospect or customer segment, you can use the “copy” button.

The same is true of your custom forms. If you’ve made a form you like, but need it altered with, perhaps, a different logo or maybe one extra field, just hit “copy” and you’re more than halfway home.


I’ve positioned it here as a productivity shortcut, which it is. Copying, though, also makes it easy to segment your messages more tightly. ¬†Segmentation tends to increase effectiveness of your messaging.


We keep three separate lists for our semi-monthly newsletter sends. For each list, we alter some of the content of the video email to make it more specific to the segment of people receiving it. I make the primary version, then use “copy” to make slight variations.


Take a look at the video below to learn more about the “copy” button in the “Emails” and “Forms” tabs in our video email marketing software.


Video: Using the “Copy” Button for Video Emails and Custom Forms




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