Jun 2012

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Video Email Plays Inside The Inbox: Now at 45% Market Share

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Here at BombBomb, we use the services of a company called Litmus.  They help us test to make sure the custom email templates we build for customers and the generic email templates available to all customers in our library render properly in all the top email clients.

This step helps insure that your email or video email looks great upon arrival in your recipients’ inboxes, no matter what device or email client they’re using.

Naturally, Litmus keeps track of the top email clients; it’s core to the success of their service.  They recently rounded up data from more than 1 billion email opens collected from their customers (like BombBomb video email).

Though the people on your list may differ, this represents a solid and valuable snapshot of overall email activity.

3 Top Findings about Email Opens and Video Email:

Top Finding Related to Video Email

There are two ways your video plays when recipients get your video email.  The preferred is video playing inside the email right inside the inbox.  The backup is on a dynamically-generated, mirrored landing page (a web page) that looks just like your email.

Video playing inside the email inside the inbox is a function of HTML5 technology.  Last time we checked in on it, this happened in about one in three email opens (33%).  This includes iPhones, iPads, Apple Mail, Hotmail, and a few other clients.

In this Litmus data, HTML5 support is now seen in 45% of email opens.

The iPhone is the top email client at 20%.  9% of email opens are in Apple Mail.  iPads represent 8%.  Hotmail also has 8% market share of email opens.

This means that nearly one of every two opens of your video emails will result in the optimal video email experience.

Again, the people on your email lists may vary from this, but it’s based on more than 1 billion email opens.

Top Findings on Email Open Market Share

  • Mobile opens (smartphones and tablets) are up 80% over the past 6 months
  • Mobile opens now exceed desktop and webmail opens (36%, 33%, and 31%, respectively)
  • Android opens more than doubled since last year
  • Top Mobile Client: iPhone (20% overall, up 100% since last year)
  • Top Desktop Client: Outlook (18% overall, down 51% since last year)
  • Top Webmail Client: Yahoo (13%, with 48% of all webmail opens)
  • iPhone and iPad represent 79% of all mobile email opens

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