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Aug 2014

Real Estate Tech Coach: “Forget Video in Your Marketing”

Forget video in your marketing. Read those words again. How do they sound in your head?

Forget video in your marketing. Forget video in your marketing. Forget video in your marketing. Continue reading

Aug 2014

Why Video Email: “Think A Lot More About The Messenger”

An author, social psychologist, and professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business, Jonathan Haidt conducts research and writes on morality, ethics, culture, relationships, politics, and religion. I won’t touch much of that here on the BombBomb blog, but Continue reading

Aug 2014

Be The Bomb: Easy Ways to Send Video Email

Learn how to “Be The Bomb.” Learn the easiest and most effective ways to send video email with this 30 minute webinar recording from BombBomb.

Being the bomb means building relationships with simple videos. Continue reading

Oct 2013

Video Cameras, Tripods, Microphones, and More – BombBomb Tech Store

Many of the most frequently asked questions here at BombBomb are about video tools: video cameras, tripods, microphones, editing software, and similar. We’re always happy to answer those questions, but we’ve recently taken it a step farther.

We’ve partnered with B&H Photo Video in NYC Continue reading

Jul 2013

How BombBomb Handles Video In Email Marketing

What’s the best way to handle video in email marketing?” It’s a great question and one recently tackled in this “mailbag” blog post (click to see) by blogger, author, speaker, podcaster, and marketer Christopher S Penn.

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