Feb 2012

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Keller Williams Webinar – The Why of Video Email – Introduction

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On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, February 27, 28, and 29, I delivered a webinar for hundreds of new BombBomb customers we met at Keller Williams Family Reunion 2012 in Orlando, Florida.


The goal was to provide an introduction to video email marketing, starting with the why and when of video email.  Attendees learned about the permission and relationship marketing philosophy behind BombBomb, the basics of email marketing, how to make video easily and inexpensively, and when to send video emails to help build relationships, earn more referrals, and sell more property.


The video below - Part 1 of the webinar – includes the introduction, including who I am, who BombBomb is, why real estate professionals might care about video email, and the agenda for the session.


Keller Williams Video Email Webinar Part 1 – Introduction:




Click to See: KW Video Email Webinar Part 2 – Philosophy


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