Mar 2012

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Video Email How-To Webinar Part 4: Videos

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This webinar was created for and delivered to hundreds of new KW real estate brokers, team leaders, and agents who joined us during Keller Williams Family Reunion 2012 in Orlando, Florida. Though it was created to help get real estate professionals up and running with BombBomb, it’s useful to all.


This hour-long webinar covered the 5 main tabs inside our video email marketing software – Emails, Lists, Forms, Drips, and Videos. The portion included here in this blog post is about videos – how to get video into your account, looking at the video analytics, sharing your videos across the web, and more.


Video Email Webinar Part 4 of 6 Includes:


  • Uploading videos into your account
  • Recording videos straight into your account
  • Moving the video play button
  • Choosing your thumbnail image
  • Adding your video title and alt tag
  • Tracking views of your videos by device and browser
  • Sharing your videos to Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and web pages


Watch Part 4 of the Video Email How-To Webinar:





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