Mar 2012

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Video Email How-To Webinar Part 5 – Drip Campaigns

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To help welcome and on-board hundreds of Keller Williams real estate brokers, team leaders, and agents who joined us as new customers during Keller Williams Family Reunion 2012 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, we created and delivered two webinars.  This is the second of those webinars – a practical, how-to session in which we walk through the BombBomb software.


Though it was designed for real estate professionals, it’s useful to everyone in our video email community.


This hour-long webinar provides a complete overview of our video email marketing software, including details about each of the main tabs: Emails, Lists, Forms, Drips, and Videos. The section dropped into this blog post is about drip email campaigns.  We talk about how to build them and why you’d use them.


Video Email Webinar Part 5 of 6 Includes:


  • How to create a new drip email campaign
  • Adding new emails to your drips
  • Sending individuals or lists through a drip
  • How frequently asked questions can inform your drip campaigns
  • Where to find the results of your individual emails and entire campaign
  • Quick mention of the sophisticated, advanced embed features of our drip system


Watch Part 5 of the Video Email How-To Webinar:





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