Mar 2012

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Video Email How-To Webinar Part 6 – Custom Forms

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Hundreds of Keller Williams real estate brokers, team leaders, and agents joined BombBomb as new customers during Keller Williams Family Reunion 2012 in Orlando, Florida.  To help get them up and running, we presented this webinar – a hands-on, how-to walk through our video email marketing software.


Even though we created and presented this for real estate professionals, you’ll likely find it useful, too.  Give it a look!


An hour-long webinar, the session gives a complete overview of our software, covering each of the 5 main tabs: Emails, Lists, Forms, Drips, and Videos. The video section included in this blog post is about custom forms; it’s based on a simple custom form.


Video Email Webinar Part 6 of 6 Includes:


  • An example of a simple, custom form
  • Creating a custom form with a 4-step process
  • Selecting, ordering, and requiring information fields
  • Connecting forms to lists
  • Offering sign-ups to multiple lists on a single form
  • Using embed codes to place your form in full, as a button, or as a link


Watch Part 6 of the Video Email How-To Webinar:





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