Oct 2011

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Video Email: Affordable, Easy to Use, Effective Communication

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Hundreds of churches and ministries are sending video email with BombBomb.  Reverend Bill McBride communicates more effectively and builds stronger relationships with the Lake Mills United Methodist Church community.

A great customer who shoots his videos in a variety of places, Bill says this about BombBomb:

  • “I am finding a great deal of positive response and interest.”
  • “I appreciate BombBomb and the service.  It’s very easy to use, easy to upload.  And it communicates so effectively.”
  • “It works really well.  It’s very affordable, very useable.”
  • “There’s a very easy way for my church members … to put in a friend’s email address and that BombBomb video gets sent right to them.”
  • “On our church web page, on several pages, we have put the subscription link.  I already have people who have gone to the website and have clicked that link and are now subscribers to my video emails every week thanks to BombBomb.”


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