Jun 2012

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Keeping Your Video Email Account Organized with BombTags

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When you’re using it well and often, your BombBomb video email marketing account gets loaded with emails and videos.  BombTags give you an easy way to keep them organized.


Think of these tags like folders, except that you’re not tucking anything away. You still have immediate access to all those emails and videos, but with one click, you can pull up all of them of a particular type.


Do not think of these tags like those you’d put on a YouTube video or blog post. They provide no SEO (search engine optimization) benefits at all. They’re simply for your use inside your video email account.


Video: Basics of Using BombTags in Your Video Email Account

This video shows you:

  • how to collapse and expand the tags
  • how to sort by your tags
  • how to create a new tag
  • how to drag and drop the tags onto your emails or videos
  • how to pin emails and videos to the top of the tab
  • how to delete a tag from an email or video
  • how to delete a tag from your account completely


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