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Aug 2014

Be The Bomb: Easy Ways to Send Video Email

Learn how to “Be The Bomb.” Learn the easiest and most effective ways to send video email with this 30 minute webinar recording from BombBomb.

Being the bomb means building relationships with simple videos. Continue reading

May 2014

How One-To-One Video Emails Can Change Your Business

Of the many ways that individuals, businesses, and organizations are using BombBomb, one-to-one video emails are the most powerful. Simple and personal, these sends help you build relationships in a different way.

To help illustrate this idea and bring it to life, Continue reading

Dec 2013

Webinar Recording: Mobile App How-To – Video Email for iOS and Android

This is our recording from October 2013 of the Mobile App How-To session, in which we cover mobile video email for iPhones and iPads, as well as for Android smartphones and tablets.

BombBomb provides special sessions on video, email, and other related topics, but we also deliver four core video email training webinars: Continue reading

Dec 2013

Webinar Recording: Advanced How-To – Custom Forms, Drip Campaigns, More

This is our recording from October 2013 of the Advanced How-To session, in which we cover the Forms and Drips tabs, as well as other advanced features of the BombBomb video email marketing software.

In addition to several special training sessions BombBomb provides, we offer four core video email training webinars live every month: Continue reading