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May 2015

“You Don’t Have To Be A Professional Video Person”

Insight from a newer BombBomb customer: “You don’t have to be a professional video person” to win more business using videos. So what does it take?

Meet Ryan. Hear more from him. And see a few video examples.
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Aug 2014

Be The Bomb: Easy Ways to Send Video Email

Learn how to “Be The Bomb.” Learn the easiest and most effective ways to send video email with this 30 minute webinar recording from BombBomb.

Being the bomb means building relationships with simple videos. Continue reading

Jan 2012

How To: Record Video Straight Into BombBomb With Your Webcam


This is another “you asked for it, so we built it” feature: in-app recording!


You might also call it in-application video recording or recording straight into BombBomb with a webcam.


It’s long been in the BombBomb iPhone app, but it’s new to the main web application.


To make use of it, you’ll need a webcam.  This can be an external webcam (plugged in by USB or similar) or it can be an internal webcam (built into your laptop).  See a few cameras we use here at the BombBomb office by clicking to this BombBomb video camera blog post.




There are two places to find in-app recording:


1. Go to “Videos” tab, click “new video” button, choose “Record a Video”


2. Go to “Emails” tab,” click one of your emails to edit it, select the video box, click “Insert a Video” button, choose “Record a new video” link




Once you’ve chosen to record a video straight into BombBomb, a few things will happen:


1. You must grant permission for BombBomb to take control of your webcam and microphone.


2. After clicking “Allow” in the permission dialogue box, you’ll pop up on the screen.


3. Hit the orange button in the lower left to start recording.  It flashes while you’re recording.


4. Hit the orange button again to stop recording.


5. From here, you can play it back to make sure you like it.  If not, just try again.


6. If you like it, you can either save it to your Videos list (if in Videos tab) or insert it into your email (if in Emails tab)


7. This screen functions just like your video upload screen, so you can move the play button, give it a Title (shown wherever video goes), adjust the Alt Tag (shown in browsers when images are turned off), give it a Description (for your private use inside the software only), pick a new thumbnail, and more.






Want to try BombBomb and in-app recording free for two weeks?  What a coincidence!  We’d love for you to do that, too.  Just click here to start your free trial with no credit card info required, no cost, and no risk!


Want to learn more about the BombBomb video player and how you can use it to share and embed videos all over the web?  Just click here to read the How To video player blog post here at BombBomb.com.


Oct 2011

Video Cameras: What BombBomb Uses for Video Email

We’re often asked what kind of camera to use to make best use of the BombBomb video email marketing software.

First, I’ll say that video email is not about your camera equipment.  It’s about your relationships and your message.

Second, I’ll say that video for email need not be difficult or expensive.  Most of our customers are using simple, inexpensive lights and cameras.

You’ll generally have better looking videos if you buy a more expensive camera, a nice microphone, additional lights, and other equipment.  We feel it’s more important to reach the right people with the right message with production quality that’s “good enough.”  That hurdle is not too high these days.  In short, video email need not be expensive or complicated.

To illustrate, I decided to run down the cameras we’re using here at the BombBomb office.  We don’t endorse any manufacturer, model, or vendor, but I included a short take on  our cameras (approximate cost, pros and cons), as well as links at the close of this post to learn more.


Here are some video cameras we’re using:

Flip Ultra HD cam, Sony CX160 camcorder, iPhone

Flip Ultra HD

  • Cost: about $100
  • Pros: inexpensive, extremely easy to use
  • Cons: only moderate video and audio quality, no longer in production

Sony CX160

  • Cost: $350-450
  • Pros: zooming, image stabilization, pretty good video and audio quality, external mic jack, lightweight
  • Cons: doesn’t look like true HD

Apple iPhone

  • Cost: $200-500
  • Pros: ties to BombBomb iPhone app, you carry it everywhere anyway, pretty good video and audio quality
  • Cons: no image stabilization


Here’s the webcam we’re using (we’ve got 2 or 3 of ‘em):

Logitech Webcam, C910, Video Camera for Video Email

Logitech C910

  • Cost: $60-100
  • Pros: use it right at your desk, can move it around a little (with USB cable and/or with laptop), good video and audio quality (1080 HD and dual mic)
  • Cons: tethers you to your laptop or desktop computer


Here are webcams we tend not to use, but still have:

Mac Book Pro, MacBook, laptop, Dell Inspiron, webcam

Webcam Built Into Your Laptop

  • Cost: Free/paid for
  • Pros: Consistently set at proper height, you already own it
  • Cons: Low quality video and audio

Links to Places to Learn More and/or Purchase Video Cameras:

BombBomb’s Main, 3-Piece Video Kit

Amazon.com (read reviews, purchase)

B&H Photo Video (read reviews, purchase)

Best Buy (purchase, a few reviews)

C|Net Camcorders (read reviews, links to purchase)

C|Net Webcams (read reviews, links to purchase)

ZD Net Digital Video (read reviews, links to purchase)

Engadget Cameras (read reviews)

Consumer Reports Camcorders (read reviews)

Easily Add Video To Your Email Marketing:

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