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Nov 2012

Webinar: Video for Real Estate Pros – 2 of 6 – Where To Add It and Kinds To Make

Video is a personal and powerful medium; it helps build trust, rapport, and relationships in a way that text and images alone simply can’t. You will absolutely benefit from developing a competency around it inside your business or organization.


Real estate brokers and agents are in a relationship and referral business. To help the real estate professionals within the BombBomb community, we made, delivered, recorded, and posted here “What Real Estate Professionals Need To Know About Video.” The session covers many aspects of the medium, like why you need it, where you can put it, kinds you can make, two important producing decisions, camera options, other equipment and programs to look at, four key editing effects, and twelve tips to look better in your videos.


Here, in part 2 of 6 of the session, you’ll learn where you can add it in your online marketing, get ideas about types to make and use, and discover two specific decisions to make before turning your camera on.


Watch Part 2 below by giving it a click to play it. This part is 11:10 in length.


Part 2: Where To Add It, Kinds To Make, Decisions Before Shooting



What Real Estate Professionals Need To Know About Video


Part 1: Introduction and Why Video


Part 2: Where To Add It, Kinds To Make, Two Decisions To Make Before Shooting


Part 3: Pros and Cons of Cameras, Additional Hardware and Software Ideas


Part 4: Breaking Down the Jargon, 4 Editing Tips, 12 Tips for Better-Looking Videos


Parts 5 and 6: Q&A – Behind The Scenes Video Handling, Spam and Deliverability, and Live Video Edit Session


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