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Apr 2012

Getting Started with Video Email: Start Small


This is the second post on getting started with video email.  In the last post, we proposed regular practice to get comfortable being on camera, using your equipment, and making videos.


Getting Started with Video Email: Start Small



The Process of Starting Small

  • Choose one part of your communication plan
  • Use video email to perform that role
  • Be clear on the purpose of your email
  • Determine to whom you’re going to send it
  • Outline in your mind the 2 or 3 bullet points you want to hit
  • Shoot the video(s)
  • Watch the videos back
  • Know that you don’t have to send them


Places to Start Small

  • Thank you for your business
  • Please tell a friend / Thank you for the referral
  • Invitations to events, sales, webinars, open houses
  • Introduction to your weekly or monthly newsletter
  • Thank you for signing up for my newsletter
  • Thank you for your website inquiry
  • Note: many of these can be done as autoreponders


When you choose one spot to start small, you’ll get comfortable with the software – uploading videos, editing emails, tracking results. Then you can begin rolling video email into other parts of your marketing communication.


As always, reach out to us if you ever need help!


If you missed the first tip on getting started, click here to learn about practicing for better video email.


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Apr 2012

Getting Started With Video Email: Practice


Over the next several months, we’ll be posting on simple ideas to help you get started with video email.


Getting Started with Video Email: Practice



The Practice Process

  • Take 5 minutes a few days each week
  • Think of 1 or 2 people to whom you’d send a video email
  • Be clear on the purpose of your email
  • Outline in your mind the 2 or 3 bullet points you want to hit
  • Shoot the 1 or 2 videos
  • Watch the videos back
  • Know that you don’t have to send them


Benefits of Practice

  • Get more familiar with your equipment
  • Get more familiar with the production process, including lighting and locations
  • Get better at speaking into the camera and making eye contact
  • Get more comfortable delivering a message and hitting your points
  • Become more self-aware and less self-conscious
  • Become a better presenter in general


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Apr 2012

How-To Video Email Training 6 of 6 – Drip Campaigns


Over a series of 6 videos, we try to prepare you for success with video email marketing, a personal and powerful way to build relationships.  Each video combines insights, ideas, and tips delivered in-person and on-camera with practical, how-to screen capture sections to show you when, why, and how to use video email.


In the first 5 videos, we talked about the 5 main tabs in our video email marketing software, then went into 4 of them in greater depth – Lists, Emails, Videos, and Forms.  Now, we’re on to the fifth and final tab – Drips – in the sixth and final training video.


Below, you’ll see how to make and send drip email campaigns:

  • creating a new drip
  • adding emails and video emails to drip campaigns
  • selecting when each email in the drip gets sent
  • putting individuals and lists into a drip
  • tracking the results of your drip emails


How-To Video – Making Drip Email Campaigns:




We hope you’ve found this series useful.  Let us know if you have any questions about video email, drip campaigns, or anything else at any time!  There are lots of ways to reach us – see some choices by clicking here to contact BombBomb.



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Apr 2012

How-To Video Email Training Series 1 of 6 – The Five Tabs


We put together a 6-video training series to get you up and running successfully with the BombBomb video email marketing software.  Each video lesson combines on-camera overviews, ideas, insights, and philosophies with practical, how-to, screen-grab sections from inside the software.


The first of the six, the video below introduces the 5 main tabs in the software: Emails, Lists, Forms, Drips, and Videos. You’ll get an initial look at the software and understand the different features and functions found in each area.


How-To Video – The Five Tabs in BombBomb:


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We hope you found that useful.  If you have any further questions on this topic or would like to share feedback, choose the most convenient way to contact BombBomb right here.



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Mar 2012

Adding YouTube Videos To Email – Isn’t That The Same As Video Email?


In a previous blog post, we addressed one of two main differences between BombBomb video email and YouTube video marketing.


Here, we cover the difference between using video email marketing software and simply dropping a YouTube video into an email.




The Difference (YouTube Videos In Emails):


There are a variety of ways people are adding YouTube videos to their emails.  The two main ones are: adding a text link to a YouTube video and adding an image of a video and linking that image out to a YouTube video.


In the former case, the email client will decide how the link gets treated.  In some, like Gmail, the video is visually represented.  In others, it remains a simple link.


In the latter case, the email looks more like a proper video email.  There are a variety of other homegrown video email “solutions” or techniques being used.


In both cases, the email recipient leaves the context of the email to go out and watch the YouTube video.  The video itself is completely separate from the email and its call to action.  The recipient is out in YouTube and immediately provided several other viewing options from you and from others.


Depending on exactly how you do it, the professionalism of appearance and ability to track results will vary.  Without doing advanced work like linking to specifically made, privately marked videos, the ability to target individuals and customer or community segments with customized video messages is limited.



The Difference (BombBomb Video Email Marketing Software):


BombBomb always keeps your video with your call to action.  The behavior of the video inside the email and inside the inbox varies across the thousands of devices, email clients, and connection speeds your email sends will encounter.  In all cases, though, your video remains immediately associated with your email.


The video plays inside the email inside the inbox where HTML5 is supported, which includes all Apple products (iPhones, iPads, Macs) and a growing number of devices and email clients.  Where HTML5 is not supported, we dynamically generate a mirrored landing page that looks exactly like your email.


We do this because when you’re sending email with a clear purpose, your subject line, headline, video, and email body all set up and reinforce the call to action.  That your video stays in this context significantly increases the likelihood of your recipients to perform the call to action, making your emails more effective.


The example below shows a message for some of our non-profit customers at the beginning of the year.  We sent it to those paying month-to-month to let them know they could save 20% more by paying annually instead.  It seemed like a good time for those recipients to make that decision.  The subject line, headline, video, and email body (including added image) all steered toward the green “Save 20%” button.


Call To Action In Video Email with BombBomb


All elements are working together to make clear why the customer is receiving the email, what the opportunity is, and how to act on the offer.


Also, we give you insight into the entire process through email and video tracking features.  Your analytics include email opens, link clicks, document views, and video plays – by email history, specific send, and individual recipient.  You’ll know exactly how well your offer was received and how each recipient behaved relative to it.



The Bottom Line:


Yes, you can build your own video email solution using YouTube videos.  That may be completely sufficient for you.


If you prefer an easier, faster, cleaner, more professional, more trackable, and more personal approach to video email, then you might enjoy BombBomb video email marketing software.




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Pikes Peak (14,115 feet)
Seen through the Siamese Twins rock formation
Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado


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Mar 2012

BombBomb Video Email and YouTube Video Marketing – What’s The Difference?


We’re often asked what the difference is between BombBomb video email and YouTube video marketing.


They’re both effective marketing  channels designed for video with back-end magic that assures optimized playback for viewers across various devices and internet connection speeds.  But there are two primary differences: the targeting of the video and the video’s relationship to the call to action.


This post covers the first.  A subsequent post covers the second.


BombBomb Video Email and YouTube Video Marketing:


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Here at BombBomb, we advocate for the use of YouTube.  It’s a great marketing channel with tremendous and varied benefits.  Here’s the BombBomb video email YouTube channel.


If you’re primarily sending by video email the same videos that you’ve uploaded to YouTube, though, you’re missing out on a powerful dynamic.


The Difference (YouTube Videos):


This is a bit simplified, but think of YouTube video marketing as lead generation and think of BombBomb video email as lead nurturing, lead conversion, customer retention, and customer loyalty.  Even if you’re not running a business, you can apply these concepts to building up and connecting with your community or constituency.


When you upload video to YouTube, you’re tagging it with the hopes that people seeking what you have to offer will find the video, watch it, then work to learn more.  It’s generally untargeted and anonymous video viewing. YouTube does provide some analytics after the it’s been watched, but the video is not directed to anyone in particular.  You’re broadcasting your video out into the world hoping that it generates leads.
Lead Generation with YouTube and Lead Nurturing Conversion Customer Loyalty with BombBomb Video Email


The Difference (BombBomb Video Email):


When you upload video to BombBomb, you’re sending it out for targeted viewing. You know the recipients and you have at least a basic relationship.  Timely and relevant video sent by email with permission can be much more personal than a more generic video uploaded for the world to find.  You can use it to build the relationship.


Because you can send a customized video to a specific person or specific segment, you can create far more personal and relevant videos.  You can design them for any aspect of the nurturing, conversion, retention, and loyalty process.  The more individualized your video, email, and call to action can be for each recipient, the more effective your video email marketing will be.


In addition to video plays, BombBomb also tracks email opens, link clicks, and document views for each recipient, so you know exactly how your video viewers behave with your message.  Your follow-up  and follow-up appropriately.


Here’s a short cut-down from a super customer testimonial that reinforces this:


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The Bottom Line:

Your video marketing strategy benefits from the use of both channels.  They both have separate, but complementary strengths. Your YouTube videos are broadcast out into the world at large. Your BombBomb video emails are sent with a specific purpose to specific people.



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