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Jan 2014

3 Peoplework Principles from Chris Smith [Video]

Though I just received my copy of Peoplework and am still reading it, I got a preview of its 10 timeless business principles at a live presentation by co-author Chris Smith at RE/MAX KickStart in Toronto last week.

Below are a few video clips I brought back. They were shot on the initial release day Continue reading

Dec 2013

Basics of Lighting Your Video with a Cheap Light Kit

While shooting the January 2014 Newsletter, I set up 3 lights for a simple in-office video shot. Knowing that many people in our community need and want to know more video basics, I took a few extra minutes to talk about the lighting.

Take a look at the set up in the video below. Continue reading

Dec 2013

3 Common Objections To Video & How To Overcome Them

It’s easy to see the benefits in video email marketing. It adds a nice, personal touch. It helps build relationships. It’s effective for your marketing & increases conversion rates.

So … why doesn’t everyone do it? Here are 3 common objections to video and how to overcome them. Continue reading

Dec 2013

Video is a Medium, Not a Monolith

We hear it often. You hear it often. You’ve likely heard it from a friend, coworker, coach, consultant, marketing expert, or tech trainer: “You should be using video.

While I believe this is true, the statement is not all that helpful. Instead, it may produce anxiety, frustration, confusion or worse – especially when it’s said to people who are not yet using video. Continue reading