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Aug 2014

Real Estate Tech Coach: “Forget Video in Your Marketing”

Forget video in your marketing. Read those words again. How do they sound in your head?

Forget video in your marketing. Forget video in your marketing. Forget video in your marketing. Continue reading

Dec 2012

How To Download Your Videos from BombBomb and YouTube

I like to create blog posts based on frequently asked questions.  One of those is “how do I download my video out of BombBomb after it’s been uploaded?”  Another is the same question about YouTube.


My first tip along these lines is to save the videos you make.  Create a master folder for them in a convenient location on your computer.  Create subfolders within that if you’re making lots of videos.

To answer the questions directly, though, I created what we have below – the why and the how of downloading.

Why You’d Download from YouTube or BombBomb




Why: Downloading from YouTube

  • You want to upload it into BombBomb to take full advantage of our software
  • You lost your original file


Why: Downloading from BombBomb

  • You did an in-application webcam recording straight into your account (so no original file)
  • You lost your original file


How To Download from YouTube or BombBomb



How: Downloading from YouTube (Not Others’ Videos)

  • Go to “Video Manager”
  • Locate the dropdown arrow next to “Edit” for the video you want
  • Click the dropdown arrow
  • Choose “Download MP4″


Downloading from BombBomb

  • Go to the “Videos” tab
  • Click the “share” icon for the one you want
  • Find “Download this video” at the bottom of the “share” page
  • Right click the link and choose from the “Save As” option your browser gives you


Non-Sanctioned Downloading Option

  • After I created the video above, I lost the “Download MP4″ option off my arrow in YouTube (!?!)
  • Another option is “SaveMedia.com
  • Enter the url of the one you want and choose the file type you prefer


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