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Aug 2014

Real Estate Tech Coach: “Forget Video in Your Marketing”

Forget video in your marketing. Read those words again. How do they sound in your head?

Forget video in your marketing. Forget video in your marketing. Forget video in your marketing. Continue reading

Aug 2014

Ignite: Marketing Consulting with BombBomb

People love our customer success team so much, they call us to ask for advice on everything. We’re regularly asked about webcams, microphones, video editing software, and more. We’ve even had folks call us to ask what cell phone they should buy. It’s pretty great.

One of the most common requests we get, however, is for marketing consulting and guidance. Continue reading

Aug 2014

Why Video Email: “Think A Lot More About The Messenger”

An author, social psychologist, and professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business, Jonathan Haidt conducts research and writes on morality, ethics, culture, relationships, politics, and religion. I won’t touch much of that here on the BombBomb blog, but Continue reading

Aug 2014

Video Email Examples: Recruiting Real Estate Agents

Successfully recruiting real estate agents means building relationships. As such, many brokers, owners, managers, and recruiters are using video email to make recruiting touches; it helps agents feel like they know you before you even meet them.

As Career Development Director for Continue reading

Aug 2014

4 Ways to Use Video to Grow Your Business

BombBomb makes it easy to connect with people, build relationships, and grow your business with video. In this video, Darin Dawson, co-founder and Chief Relationship Officer, shares 4 ways to use video to grow your business.

See video examples from real estate brokers and agents. Learn strategies Continue reading