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Mar 2014

9 Takeaways from a New BombBomb Customer

At BombBomb, we’re serious about customer service. We track response times and customer satisfaction (currently at 28 minutes and 99%, respectively) as closely as we track trial conversion and revenue growth. Great service is always the right play for customer retention, employee retention, positive word of mouth, and so much more (Service Profit Chain). Continue reading

Mar 2014

“Tell Stories” and Find Out How I Lost My Finger

Successful sales teams and business owners are good story tellers.  The power of story allows you to connect on a deep level.  People do business with you because they like you, they trust you and your product or service meets their needs.  Continue reading

Feb 2014

Send Video Email from Your Gmail Inbox

We’ve long had a BombBomb Extension for the Google Chrome internet browser. It allows you to pop open the Quick Send without going into your BombBomb account or into the BombBomb mobile app. It’s right there in your browser.

Along with some upgrades to that extension, you can now send video email from inside your Gmail inbox Continue reading

Feb 2014

Virtual Marketing Support for Your BombBomb Account

Are you doing marketing tasks that you’re either a) not very good at or b) don’t particularly enjoy? Are things getting left undone because you’re just too busy? You can be more efficient and more effective in your real estate business when you begin focusing your time and energy on high dollar and high value activities and leave the rest to someone else Continue reading