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Apr 2012

Major Upgrade: Custom Forms To Build Your Permission-Based Email Lists


Custom forms in the BombBomb video email marketing software are more custom than ever!


Overview Video: Custom Forms



With BombBomb custom forms, you can now:
  • Create completely custom fields
  • Drag and drop form fields in the order you prefer
  • Add videos and images to the top of your form
  • Add html fields to include videos, images, or anything else in the body of your form
  • Change the appearance of multiple-choice selections (radio buttons, check boxes, or drop downs)
  • Stylize your form with pre-made themes
  • Stylize your form with your own CSS
  • Much more!


With BombBomb custom forms, you can still:
  • Determine which fields are required and which are optional
  • Send immediate alerts to one or more people for every new form fill
  • Send autoresponders to people who fill out your form
  • Enter people into drip email campaigns after a form fill
  • Allow double-opt in for higher-permission lists
  • Allow people to sign up for multiple email lists in a single form
  • Much more!


Embedding Your Custom Forms


Each one of your forms is now hosted on its own web page on a custom vid.us url, so it’s easy to hide a form behind text or a button or to send people directly to it.  You could even call up the form on your mobile device and enter people through your form live, in person, and on-site wherever you are.


In addition, we still give you embed codes to place the form on your own website, behind a button, or behind a text link.


Tracking Your Custom Forms


You can see the results of your form fills as they come in.  You’ll see when each completion occurred and the entries into all the fields.  For multiple choice selections, we’ll also generate pie charts showing the rolling results (see example below).


In this way, it begins to function like a survey tool.  Create a new form.  Add a video intro to encourage form fills.  Create the series of questions.  Send people to the vid.us url on which the form lives.  Track your results!


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The new custom forms are more custom than ever in BombBomb.  We’ll continue to share insights, answer questions, and generate use cases related to custom forms as we go forward.


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Mar 2012

HD Video, iPhone & iPad Magic, Plus More Video Email Upgrades


Support for your high definition video! New iPhone and iPad magic! Even better BombBomb video email.


In the past, we’ve been encoding your video in 3 file types – MP4, OGV, and WEBM. The encoding settings were in the medium-quality range to increase the likelihood of a pretty good video experience no matter the device or connection.


The Video Encoding Upgrades:


Now, we’re expanding to 15 file types specific to:

  • Desktops and laptops (high, medium, and low quality)
  • iPhone and iPad (multiple versions each)
  • Android (a specific MP4 flavor)
  • Other and older mobile devices (3GP format)

More Encoding Styles Flavors and Formats For Your Video In BombBomb

High Definition Video:

This significantly increases the customized video experience based on your recipients’ devices and connections. We’re now delivering higher quality and even high definition (720p) videos to recipients that can support it (powerful devices on fast internet connections). Older devices and slower connections will see a more suitable quality video at the same time (kin to the previous medium-quality delivery).
HD High Def High Definition Video Email Playback

iPhone and iPad Video Optimization:

Especially cool is the fact that the iPhone gets 4 types of encoded video and the iPad gets 5 types.
The bandwidth of each device at the time of open is auto-detected, then BombBomb delivers the best video supported on the fly. If the connection starts weak, a lower quality will be delivered.  If the connection improves, it will automatically switch to deliver and higher quality type – on the fly, moment to moment!
iPhone and iPad viewers can also jump to different points in the video more easily than ever before.
Video Email on Apple Mac iPhone iPad iDevices with BombBomb


In Short: upload your video once, send it to anyone you’d like, and know they’ll get a more customized video experience.


The Encoding Test:


A Question You Might Ask: if you’re expanding from 3 types of encoded video to 15 types, how will that affect my encoding time? Will it take 5 times longer!?


The Answer: check out this little test and its results …


I shot this video on the street right outside our office in 1920×1080 HD on my Sony CX-160 (not incredible quality, but pretty good):


The Encoding Test Video:



I ran the raw video through Adobe Premiere, outputting it in 1920×1080 HD, 1280×720 HD, and 720×480 SD.


Then, I uploaded each of the 3 files into our soon-to-go-away encoding process – and into our upgraded encoding process. I timed the “uploading” from the start of the upload to the arrival at the “One Moment …” screen. I also timed the “encoding” from the start of the “One Moment …” screen to the “Modify Your Video Settings” screen.


NOTE: upload time is based on the size of the file and the speed of your internet connection. I included it because it’s part of your experience, but know that it’s completely unrelated to the new encoding process.


Here Are The Results:


Encoding Video for Video Email - Results of BombBomb Testing

So: it’s a significant improvement that will provide delivery of your video inside your email. Let us know what you think!


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