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Apr 2013

Listening In Email Marketing Like You’re Listening in Social Media

A common and valuable recommendation for anyone doing social media marketing is to listen. Per pundits, experts, gurus, ninjas, and regular human beings alike, listening is key to social success. It’s also true of your email marketing and video email marketing.

So what does listening sound like in email marketing? Continue reading

Oct 2012

Getting the Most from Video Email – Webinar Part 4 – Social Sharing

To make sure you understand what the BombBomb video email marketing software allows you to do, we created and deliver on a regular basis two main training webinars. Periodically, we’ll record the sessions, then post them right here on our blog.

This post includes the fourth and final part of the Getting the Most from Video Email webinar. This is our advanced training session, covering custom forms, autoresponders, drip campaigns, social sharing, and various other tips and tricks.

Below in the Part 4 video, we’ll show you the different ways that you can share your emails, your videos, and your forms to all the social networks. You’ll also see document hosting and a few other tips and tricks. This portion also includes some live Q&A.


Watch Part 4 immediately below by giving it a click. It’s 9:07 in length.


Part 4: Getting the Most from Video Email




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BombBomb Advanced Training Webinar: Part 4 of 4 – Social Sharing, plus Q&A


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