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Apr 2015

2 Tips to Win Your Next Listing Presentation

Whether you’re a real estate agent working to win a listing presentation or a sales professional of any kind working to win a sales opportunity, you’re likely up against competition.

How do you set yourself apart and win more often? Here are two tips …

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Feb 2015

Increase Sales with Video: Quick Chat with Steve Pacinelli

“I didn’t really see the power of BombBomb until we started using it on my sales team.” Steve Pacinelli explains how he found video email, saw his team increase sales with video, and what’s ahead for him as a new BombBombteam member.
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Feb 2015

Get Face to Face Instantly – BombBomb Video for Zillow Leads

“Anytime we can communicate on a more personal level through video, the better the response.” Chris Speicher shared this with us, along with the video email with which his team follows up with Zillow leads.

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