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Jul 2015

Convert Your Prime Seller Leads with Video Drip Campaigns

Lead conversion starts with generating replies and responses from people. We’ve seen time and again that simple video gets those replies.

Here’s how Prime Seller Leads makes it easier to send video to real estate seller leads.
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Jun 2015

A $750,000 Listing from a Simple Webcam Video

“When I actually go out and talk to them, they like me and trust me already – because of the video.”

Hear a quick story about building relationships and winning business using simple webcam videos.
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May 2015

“You Don’t Have To Be A Professional Video Person”

Insight from a newer BombBomb customer: “You don’t have to be a professional video person” to win more business using videos. So what does it take?

Meet Ryan. Hear more from him. And see a few video examples.
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