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Jun 2015

A $750,000 Listing from a Simple Webcam Video

“When I actually go out and talk to them, they like me and trust me already – because of the video.”

Hear a quick story about building relationships and winning business using simple webcam videos.
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May 2015

“You Don’t Have To Be A Professional Video Person”

Insight from a newer BombBomb customer: “You don’t have to be a professional video person” to win more business using videos. So what does it take?

Meet Ryan. Hear more from him. And see a few video examples.
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Apr 2015

2 Tips to Win Your Next Listing Presentation

Whether you’re a real estate agent working to win a listing presentation or a sales professional of any kind working to win a sales opportunity, you’re likely up against competition.

How do you set yourself apart and win more often? Here are two tips …

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