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May 2013

Don’t Fetch Your Video Email Analytics: Have Them Sent To You Live in Real Time

Keeping an eye on the performance of your video email marketing is critical. Knowing who’s opening your emails, clicking your links, and watching your videos helps you be more efficient in your follow up and more effective over time.

One of the best features of BombBomb: you don’t have to seek these details out. You need not go into your account to fetch your analytics. BombBomb will send alerts to you live in real time as people open your email, click your link(s), and/or play your video. Continue reading

Jun 2012

Simple Way To Increase Your Video Email Open Rate


Getting your video email opened – its importance can’t be overstated.  If your message isn’t opened, all the effort you put into the headline, video, introduction, body, and close are for naught.  That great call to action won’t be seen.


For obvious reasons, the open rate is a great, initial indicator of a successful email or video email send. In this post, you’ll get one simple idea to drive an immediate improvement in your open rates.


The idea may seem too simple – even flippant – but it’s valid and important.



How-To: Increase Your Video Email Open Rate




Screen Grab: Where To See Your Video Email Open Rate


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The simple idea: send your email to fewer people. Those fewer people are the right people. They’re targeted for anticipated likeliness of finding value in what you’re sending or taking you up on your offer.


It’s easy to fall into the “how many” trap and get focused on raw numbers – increasing numbers. The result tends toward a batch-and-blast or spray-and-pray approach – shoot out the email to as many people as possible and hope for the best.


Instead, focus on “who” – on getting your email and video email to the right people. Take a minute to think not about what you want out of the send, but what the recipient will get from it. Then send to a targeted segment of recipients.


Open rate is simple math: unique opens divided by total delivered. By sending to fewer but better people, you’re maintaining the numerator (unique opens) and decreasing the denominator (total delivered).


Not only will better, more focused sending increase your video email open rates, you’ll also benefit from a better sending reputation, fewer spam/abuse complaints, happier people on your email lists, and improved results going forward.



Click To See: Why “Who” Trumps “How Many” In Email Marketing


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Oct 2011

Click Mapping – See Where Links In Your Email Are Getting Clicked

This is a “Did You Know?” type of post about tracking and analytics in BombBomb video email marketing software.

As you’d expect, you can track delivery, opens, clicks, video views, sharing to Facebook and Twitter, and more. Specific to tracking clicks, did you know we map that for each and every email you send?

Take a Look at Your Click Mapping in BombBomb:

In the “Emails” tab, click the “track” button for any one of your sent emails (between the “send” and “delete” buttons).

There you’ll see all the main analytics for that email.  If you scroll down, you’ll see a representation of your email, along with a heat map or click map showing which links were clicked and how many times each link was clicked.

I’ve circled each of the three links that got clicked in an email I sent last week:

Click Tracking in Your Email

Keeping an eye on your click maps helps tell you which links are most effective – where they’re located in the email, what kind of calls to action they have, why people are opening your emails, and more.  Tracking this over time will help make you more effective at sending engaging email – and at getting better results.

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