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Dec 2013

Webinar Recording: Advanced How-To – Custom Forms, Drip Campaigns, More

This is our recording from October 2013 of the Advanced How-To session, in which we cover the Forms and Drips tabs, as well as other advanced features of the BombBomb video email marketing software.

In addition to several special training sessions BombBomb provides, we offer four core video email training webinars live every month: Continue reading

Oct 2013

Send & Receive Video Email through Your “Contact” Forms

Several weeks back, we shared here on the BombBomb blog that you can add a video recorder to your forms. The purpose in the example was to collect customer testimonial videos.

Here: a different use case – receiving videos while you’re halfway around the world. Continue reading

Aug 2013

Add a Video Recorder to Your Forms with BombBomb

You’ve always been able to add videos to the forms you make in BombBomb. The video can help compel people to complete the form and make clear what they’ll get for doing so.

Now, you can add a video recorder to collect & distribute videos from other people through your forms. Continue reading

Jun 2013

Video Email Training Series – 2 of 2 – Emails, Forms, Drips

Once or twice per year, BombBomb updates a tutorial video series covering the successful use of our video email marketing software, as well as the ideas behind it all.

In the previous blog post (see it here), the tutorials provided an introduction, covered lists and contacts, and explained how to shoot and upload videos. Continue reading