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Jul 2014

Webinar Recording; What CASL Means for Your Marketing

If you’re sending any emails, text messages, direct social media messages, or other commercial electronic messages to or from Canadian email addresses, you need to know about CASL, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.

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Jul 2013

Email Marketing & The New Tabbed Gmail Inbox

The email marketing world has been all atwitter with the rollout of the new Gmail inbox. Rather than just having one primary inbox, it’s tabbed – with Primary, Social, and Promotions

Several members of the BombBomb community have asked about the Gmail changes, so here are some ideas and tips to calm your nerves. Continue reading

Jul 2013

How BombBomb Handles Video In Email Marketing

What’s the best way to handle video in email marketing?” It’s a great question and one recently tackled in this “mailbag” blog post (click to see) by blogger, author, speaker, podcaster, and marketer Christopher S Penn.

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