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Mar 2014

“Tell Stories” and Find Out How I Lost My Finger

Successful sales teams and business owners are good story tellers.  The power of story allows you to connect on a deep level.  People do business with you because they like you, they trust you and your product or service meets their needs.  Continue reading

Aug 2013

Email Preferred Most by Real Estate Buyers

Steve Pacinelli of Tech Savvy Agent likes to ask “Are you better in email or on the phone?” Most real estate brokers and agents are better on the phone.

“Are you better on the phone or in person?” Most brokers and agents are better in person.

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Jul 2013

Email Marketing & The New Tabbed Gmail Inbox

The email marketing world has been all atwitter with the rollout of the new Gmail inbox. Rather than just having one primary inbox, it’s tabbed – with Primary, Social, and Promotions

Several members of the BombBomb community have asked about the Gmail changes, so here are some ideas and tips to calm your nerves. Continue reading

Jul 2013

How BombBomb Handles Video In Email Marketing

What’s the best way to handle video in email marketing?” It’s a great question and one recently tackled in this “mailbag” blog post (click to see) by blogger, author, speaker, podcaster, and marketer Christopher S Penn.

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Jul 2013

Email Crushing Social Media for Customer Acquisition and Lifetime Value

“Crushing” was the word choice of Marcus Wohlsen in this story (click) about email for Wired.

Customer acquisition and retention platform Custora monitors customer acquisition and lifetime value by marketing channel. In their recently published 2Q 2013 report (see it here), two of the top findings were about the strength of email marketing. Continue reading

Apr 2013

Listening In Email Marketing Like You’re Listening in Social Media

A common and valuable recommendation for anyone doing social media marketing is to listen. Per pundits, experts, gurus, ninjas, and regular human beings alike, listening is key to social success. It’s also true of your email marketing and video email marketing.

So what does listening sound like in email marketing? Continue reading