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Nov 2011

BombBomb Offers Video Email Integration for Access ACS Churches

More convenient for more churches!  BombBomb video email marketing software is now integrated with ACS TechnologiesAccess ACS service.

With ACS and BombBomb together, email marketing and list management have never been easier!  Churches no longer have to deal with importing and exporting lists to and from their church management software and their email service provider to keep current.

What’s made easier through integration:

  • Email group management
  • Unsubscribe management
  • Email tracking
  • Pulling email groups from ACS
  • Adding video to your emails
  • Sending emails with custom HTML templates built free for you

After an Access ACS subscriber builds an email or video email in BombBomb, we sync your email list immediately after you hit the send button.  This means emails always go to the most current, most accurate list possible – and you only need to manage it in one place.


BombBomb Video Email Marketing Software Integrated with ACS Technologies

“I think what BombBomb has done is great, and I am thrilled for our clients to have the ability to easily access their data via this video email marketing solution.  When our clients can easily access their data in other products, it gives them added functionality as well as saved time and energy,” said Sally Grantham, senior project manager of R&D for ACS Technologies.

In addition to ACS Technologies, BombBomb has also integrated with three other leading church management systems: Church Community Builder, Fellowship One, and ICON Systems.

Learn more about the Core Values that drive our company.

See what a church pastor and church administrator have to say about BombBomb video email’s connecting power and ease of use.



Nov 2011

Cinematic Customer Video: BombBomb Video Email Connects People

When we asked our customers to send in videos about how they use and why they love BombBomb, many were kind enough to take the time to do so.  Only one, though, did it twice – Reverend Bill McBride of Lake Mills United Methodist Church!


He’s a great BombBomb user who truly understands the connecting power of video.  In this cinematic, must-see customer testimonial video, the primary message is the final tag – “BombBomb Keeps People Connected.”

Take a look:


Visit the Lake Mills UMC home page, which features a BombBomb video and newsletter sign-up form.


Take a look at Bill’s earlier video testimonial for BombBomb.


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Oct 2011

Video Email: Affordable, Easy to Use, Effective Communication

Hundreds of churches and ministries are sending video email with BombBomb.  Reverend Bill McBride communicates more effectively and builds stronger relationships with the Lake Mills United Methodist Church community.

A great customer who shoots his videos in a variety of places, Bill says this about BombBomb:

  • “I am finding a great deal of positive response and interest.”
  • “I appreciate BombBomb and the service.  It’s very easy to use, easy to upload.  And it communicates so effectively.”
  • “It works really well.  It’s very affordable, very useable.”
  • “There’s a very easy way for my church members … to put in a friend’s email address and that BombBomb video gets sent right to them.”
  • “On our church web page, on several pages, we have put the subscription link.  I already have people who have gone to the website and have clicked that link and are now subscribers to my video emails every week thanks to BombBomb.”


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