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Jan 2015

Video Email Examples: Monthly Sends to Your Database

Timely, relevant, and anticipated – the 3 most important things your emails and your marketing can be. See two examples of video email sends to an entire database that can help you stay timely and anticipated.

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Aug 2014

Be The Bomb: Easy Ways to Send Video Email

Learn how to “Be The Bomb.” Learn the easiest and most effective ways to send video email with this 30 minute webinar recording from BombBomb.

Being the bomb means building relationships with simple videos. Continue reading

Aug 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge at BombBomb

As with many businesses, families, and networks of friends, the Ice Bucket Challenge swept through BombBomb over the past couple weeks. The challenge brings to life all 5 of BombBomb’s core values: relationships, fun, humility, flexibility, and service.

Its purpose is to raise awareness and funds to fight ALS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Continue reading

Jun 2014

Gmail Integration: How BombBomb Works Inside Gmail

BombBomb is about relationships. We want to help people connect to other people. Communicating with video is a great way to do that, but it needs to be easy.

To that end, we’ve been building Gmail and Google Chrome tools, features, and workflows. Continue reading