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Oct 2011

Video Cameras: What BombBomb Uses for Video Email

We’re often asked what kind of camera to use to make best use of the BombBomb video email marketing software.

First, I’ll say that video email is not about your camera equipment.  It’s about your relationships and your message.

Second, I’ll say that video for email need not be difficult or expensive.  Most of our customers are using simple, inexpensive lights and cameras.

You’ll generally have better looking videos if you buy a more expensive camera, a nice microphone, additional lights, and other equipment.  We feel it’s more important to reach the right people with the right message with production quality that’s “good enough.”  That hurdle is not too high these days.  In short, video email need not be expensive or complicated.

To illustrate, I decided to run down the cameras we’re using here at the BombBomb office.  We don’t endorse any manufacturer, model, or vendor, but I included a short take on  our cameras (approximate cost, pros and cons), as well as links at the close of this post to learn more.


Here are some video cameras we’re using:

Flip Ultra HD cam, Sony CX160 camcorder, iPhone

Flip Ultra HD

  • Cost: about $100
  • Pros: inexpensive, extremely easy to use
  • Cons: only moderate video and audio quality, no longer in production

Sony CX160

  • Cost: $350-450
  • Pros: zooming, image stabilization, pretty good video and audio quality, external mic jack, lightweight
  • Cons: doesn’t look like true HD

Apple iPhone

  • Cost: $200-500
  • Pros: ties to BombBomb iPhone app, you carry it everywhere anyway, pretty good video and audio quality
  • Cons: no image stabilization


Here’s the webcam we’re using (we’ve got 2 or 3 of ‘em):

Logitech Webcam, C910, Video Camera for Video Email

Logitech C910

  • Cost: $60-100
  • Pros: use it right at your desk, can move it around a little (with USB cable and/or with laptop), good video and audio quality (1080 HD and dual mic)
  • Cons: tethers you to your laptop or desktop computer


Here are webcams we tend not to use, but still have:

Mac Book Pro, MacBook, laptop, Dell Inspiron, webcam

Webcam Built Into Your Laptop

  • Cost: Free/paid for
  • Pros: Consistently set at proper height, you already own it
  • Cons: Low quality video and audio

Links to Places to Learn More and/or Purchase Video Cameras:

BombBomb’s Main, 3-Piece Video Kit

Amazon.com (read reviews, purchase)

B&H Photo Video (read reviews, purchase)

Best Buy (purchase, a few reviews)

C|Net Camcorders (read reviews, links to purchase)

C|Net Webcams (read reviews, links to purchase)

ZD Net Digital Video (read reviews, links to purchase)

Engadget Cameras (read reviews)

Consumer Reports Camcorders (read reviews)

Easily Add Video To Your Email Marketing:

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Oct 2011

Video Email Is About People (Not Technology)

When we love the technology more than what the technology can do for us, the robots have won.

We’ve all heard figurative love professed for the iPhone; it’s a delightful device.  An experiment summed up in this Op-Ed piece from Martin Lindstrom in the New York Times seems to provide literal identification and quantification of that love.

  • The take: “For many, the iPhone has become a best friend, partner, lifeline, companion, and, yes, even a Valentine.”
  • The basis: an fMRI experiment involving sixteen 18-25 year olds and an iPhone ringing and vibrating.  “A recent experiment that I carried out using neuroimaging technology suggests that drug-related terms like ‘addiction’ and ‘fix’ aren’t as scientifically accurate as a word we use to describe our most cherished personal relationships. That word is ‘love.’”
  • The finding: “But most striking of all was the flurry of activation in the insular cortex of the brain, which is associated with feelings of love and compassion. The subjects’ brains responded to the sound of their phones as they would respond to the presence or proximity of a girlfriend, boyfriend or family member.”
  • In sum: “In short, the subjects didn’t demonstrate the classic brain-based signs of addiction. Instead, they loved their iPhones.”

While it’s a pleasure to use, isn’t our love for the iPhone based almost completely in what it does for us (reserving a little for how beautifully it does it)?  Our mobile devices connect us with people, ideas, experiences, and Angry Birds.

I think we’re lighting up at the validation we get through notifications and the connection we make through these devices.

So, what’s the BombBomb connection?

Video email is about people.

The beauty of BombBomb is in sending your face, your voice, your personality, and your message directly to the person or people with whom you’re building a stronger relationship.

Yes, the software is lovely (nod to Kevin, Patrick, and Greg).  Yes, there’s a uniqueness about adding video to email marketing that provides a lift.  In the end, though, it’s about communicating more effectively human to human, face to face.

This is why BombBomb was built.  This is why People are at the top of the Core Values of our company.

We like what the robots can do for us, but we’re about connecting humans.

Agree?  Disagree.  Leave a comment!

See it for yourself: click to receive a video email from BombBomb.

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