Dec 2012

Webinar: Email Marketing for Real Estate Pros – Part 2 of 5

Top producers surveyed by Inman News earlier this year (every one of them a $100,000+ earner) called email marketing their most effective way to convert leads into business (click to read about The Agent of Tomorrow survey). Heading into 2013, real estate brokers and agents will benefit by starting or refreshing their email marketing strategies.


To support that effort, we decided to create, deliver, record, and post “What Real Estate Professionals Need To Know About Email” – a webinar covering all the fundamentals of email marketing and providing specific ways to use email. The content, of course, is provided through a real estate “filter” to make it more specific and helpful.


Below, in Part 2 of 5, you’ll learn about the benefits of stepping out of Outlook or Gmail and into a commercial email service provider, the fundamentals of good email, clear calls to action, the basics of bad email, spam, and the shared responsibility of getting your emails delivered successfully.


Watch Part 2 below; this portion of the webinar is exactly 20 minutes in length.


Part 2: Why Use A Commercial ESP, Good Email, Bad Email, Spam



What Real Estate Professionals Need To Know About Email


Part 1: Introduction and Why Email


Part 2: Why Use A Commercial ESP, Good versus Bad Email, Spam and Deliverability


Part 3: Top Tips and Best Day and Time To Send


Part 4: More Than A Dozen Ideas for Emails You Can Make And Send


Parts 5: Q&A – YouTube, Craigslist, Video Editing, and More


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