Aug 2012

Getting Started with Video Email – Part 1 of 5 – Best Uses

To help you get started making, sending, and tracking the results of emails and video emails with the BombBomb video email marketing software, we deliver our introductory webinar “Getting Started with Video Email” every Wednesday at 12pm Eastern, 11am Central, 10am Mountain, and 9am Pacific.


For your convenience, we also record it periodically, break it into topical pieces, and post it here to our blog. You can watch any or all of it – use the links below to find the sections in which you’re interested.


This post contains part 1 of 5. Our lead trainer, Melody, introduces the software and the idea of video email marketing, then provides some ways to use it to help grow your business. This session was recorded on August 8, 2012.


Because we’re constantly improving our software, some details may have changed since this recording. Still, it will give you a very good understanding of what BombBomb allows you to do – and tips on how to get it done quickly, easily, and effectively.


Video: Webinar Part 1 – Way To Use




Click to View: Part 1 – Ways To Use Video Email


Click to View: Part 2 – The 5 Main Tabs and Working with Videos


Click to View: Part 3 – Making, Sending, and Tracking Emails


Click to View: Part 4 – Importing Contacts and Lists


Click to View: Part 5 – Support and Q&A


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Aug 2012

Recruiting Real Estate Agents with Video Email: “It’s Opening Doors”


Here, Linda Fogarty, the Managing Broker for Coldwell Banker in Naperville, Illinois, explains why she loves video email marketing with BombBomb and how she used it to open the door to hiring 5 real estate agents to her brokerage in the past 6 weeks.  Many thanks to Linda for taking the time to share her story!


Video: How a Managing Broker Uses Video Email to Recruit Agents


Real estate agents across the country and around the world are using BombBomb video to build relationships with their prospects and customers – buyers and sellers.  Brokers, too, are benefiting from the power of video in email to connect with their prospects and customers – the agents they must recruit and retain to build a strong brokerage.


“The way I use (BombBomb video email) is to recruit experienced agents in our area,” says Linda, who’s been a customer for a few months. “You really, through these videos, have helped me get to them easier.”


She sends personal video emails to agents from other companies congratulating them on a deal they put together with one of her Coldwell Banker agents – and offering support.


“It becomes very personal, rather than just an email … they now get to see my face, get to know who I am a little bit …” The result: “When I follow up with calls, now they recognize my voice and say … ‘you sent me that video and it was awesome. Thank you so much.’”


Video email, then, provides Linda with a great first impression with her prospects – experienced agents she’d like to have working for her brokerage.


“It’s opening doors … In the last 6 weeks I’ve hired 5 agents who – I truly believe because I use these videos and use BombBomb – that it opened the door for me to get to know those other agents.”


Linda was also complimentary of the ease of use and customer service. “Your support staff is wonderful … It’s so easy to do these videos that I can do a lot of them very quickly.”



Whether you’re an agent trying to build relationships and earn referrals with buyers and sellers or you’re a broker trying to recruit and retain agents, video email marketing with BombBomb could be a very effective tool for you.  See what other real estate and mortgage professionals have to say about BombBomb – or get started by sending your first video email in 5 or 10 minutes – free (unlimited email and video email sends to up to 50 contacts for 2 weeks)!



Customer Video: David Upchurch, Realty Alliance

Customer Video: Peter Green, Dynamic Mortgage


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Jul 2012

Productivity Shortcut: Copy Your Video Emails and Custom Forms


Love a good shortcut? So do I! Here’s one that saves time and helps you segment your messaging more tightly.


If you’re not using the “copy” button in the BombBomb video email marketing software, you’re missing a great, little productivity tool. It gives you a quick way to make new variations of your video emails and custom forms.


Video: Copying Your Video Emails and Custom Forms



When you have an email or video email you like very much, but need or want to make slight variations to send it again to a different person or different prospect or customer segment, you can use the “copy” button.

The same is true of your custom forms. If you’ve made a form you like, but need it altered with, perhaps, a different logo or maybe one extra field, just hit “copy” and you’re more than halfway home.


I’ve positioned it here as a productivity shortcut, which it is. Copying, though, also makes it easy to segment your messages more tightly.  Segmentation tends to increase effectiveness of your messaging.


We keep three separate lists for our semi-monthly newsletter sends. For each list, we alter some of the content of the video email to make it more specific to the segment of people receiving it. I make the primary version, then use “copy” to make slight variations.


Take a look at the video below to learn more about the “copy” button in the “Emails” and “Forms” tabs in our video email marketing software.


Video: Using the “Copy” Button for Video Emails and Custom Forms




Click To View: Organizing Your Emails and Videos with BombTags

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Jul 2012

Video Email for Sales and Marketing: Prospecting


BombBomb has built a reputation for being a feature-rich, easy-to-use email marketing software, which helps people communicate with their customer base through newsletters and special offers.  What many people overlook, though, is BombBomb’s potential as a powerful sales and marketing tool.


The initial inspiration for our video email marketing software actually came because Founder and CEO Conor McCluskey wanted a more effective way to connect with his prospects and clients when working for an outside sales company.  Conor found that it was difficult to get in front of people, stay in touch, build relationships, and distinguish himself from others who were sending the same bland pitch by traditional email or phone call.


Our sales team uses our own software for sales and marketing purposes everyday. We primarily use the software in two distinct ways: 1) Sending follow-up emails after initial phone calls when prospecting for new business, 2) Nurturing new inbound leads.


This post covers the first way.  The next post covers the second (see it here).


Video: Prospecting with Video Email




BombBomb As A Prospecting Tool


Cold calls are a necessary tactic to support many sales strategies. If you want to get your product or service into the hands of potential buyers, you have to reach out and help make that happen.


So how do you get in touch with someone who is rarely available by phone?  How do you get your product or service in front the decision maker in a way accurately portrays what you represent? And if you email that decision maker, how do you know that your email is opened?


When I make cold calls to people in markets and organizations that could benefit from video email marketing software, I often get a gate keeper or voice mail.  In those cases, I always follow up with a video email because it allows me to show our software instead of just tell.  And when that decision maker opens the email, plays the video, and clicks on any links inside the email we use our Real-Time Alerts to let us know exactly when and how each person interacts with the email.


These email notifications – a built-in benefit of the BombBomb video email marketing software – allow me to prioritize who is most interested and with whom I should follow up with first (please note that in order to avoid spamming someone you should either get explicit permission to send an email if you can get the person on the phone or make clear that you’ll be sending one email if you have to leave them a voice mail).


Prospecting with BombBomb video email and Real-Time Alerts is especially effective as a sales and marketing tool because it allows you to communicate in a personal and human way about the benefits of your product or service (with video in email) and easily identify quality leads (with alerts).


Video: A Look At The Software From A Prospecting Perspective



*BombBomb Sales Tip – Most people either just call or just send an email when prospecting, which is a big missed opportunity.  Try calling, and – if you have to leave a message – mention that you’ll be following up with a personal video email.  When you record your video message make sure you mention that you left a voice mail by phone in the event they see your email before they check their messages.


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Jul 2012

Video Email for Sales and Marketing: Lead Nurturing

The previous post described BombBomb video email and Real-Time Alerts for prospecting. Here, the sales and marketing benefits of our video email marketing software are described in the context of nurturing leads.


Video: Lead Nurturing with Video Email




Unfortunately, there are many businesses and organization that obtain opt-in email addresses from prospective customers and never email them. Why is that? My guess is that time, or lack there of, is a big factor. Perhaps another contributing factor is a lack of know-how regarding which leads to spend time following up on and which ones to let fall to the wayside.


There are two instances in which our sales team will follow up with inbound leads – when someone request to have a “See It In Action” video email example sent to them (click here to have one sent to you) and when someone signs up for a 14 Day Free Trial (click here to sign up for a trial with BombBomb).


The “See It In Action” leads immediately receive one email to experience video email for themselves.  The email, as well as a follow-up phone call, encourage the next step – starting a free trial of the software (unlimited email and video email sending to up to 50 contacts for 2 weeks).


The 14 Day Free Trial leads are dropped directly into a drip campaign.  Our software automatically sends six emails – on the first day of the trial, then on the third, seventh, eleventh, thirteenth, and final days.  They also get personal phone calls at various point throughout the trial (please note that email frequency can and should vary by industry and context of user opt-in).


The purpose of each video email and phone call is to educate and inform about the uses and benefits of the BombBomb video email marketing software.  The goal of this lead nurturing, of course, is to move people from free trial to full customer.


Once your lead nurturing drip campaign is set up, the process is automated.  You have the ability to check in on email engagement and remove converted leads when desired, but the process can run in the background, allowing sales and marketing departments to focus on other tasks.


Video: A Look At The Software From A Lead Nurturing Perspective




*BombBomb Sales Tip – If your lead-to-drip is automated within BombBomb (which can be time-effective), I’d recommend utilizing our email segmentation tool which allows you to take those who have interacted with your email and retarget those leads and abandon the ones who never engaged in the email. By segmenting your interested leads from those who are not, you can spend your time on leads which are most likely more qualified.


If you’re already a customer, see what pieces of our sales and marketing process can be adapted to what you are currently doing. We’d love to hear how you’re using video email to grow your business.


If you are not currently using BombBomb in your sales and marketing process you can sign up for our 14 Day Free Trial and experience how it can help you nurture leads and build relationships.



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Jul 2012

Why Video Email Works for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Real estate, mortgage, and title professionals across the country (49 of the 50 United States, plus DC) and around the world (9 countries on 5 continents) are using the BombBomb video email marketing software to build relationships and grow their businesses.

Video email is a great tool for truly connecting with people.  Brokers are using it to recruit and retain agents, provide training and support, share important updates, extend event invitations, and more. Agents are using it to convert new leads, keep buyers and sellers up to date throughout the process, say in touch with clients, promote new listings, and reach out to their colleagues.

Here are 3 videos about why video email works for real estate brokers and agents.

Why Video Email for Real Estate Professionals – Intro:


The two videos below were shot during our visit to the Xplode Conferencein Birmingham, Alabama. The conference is about real estate marketing, technology, and productivity

The first is from the first of two presentation from Jeff Lobb, who speaks frequently from the edge of the latest real estate marketing and technology. The second is from the “Broker Tech Panel.”

Jeff Lobb, Exit Realty, VP of Technology and Innovation:

Jeff argues that video email helps put the “you” back into your marketing and explains why he favors the BombBomb video email marketing software. A few quotes from this video:

(On marketing yourself) “What do customers buy into when they hire you? … They buy you. The personality of you. The confidence in you. You sell you all day long.”

(On his technology recommendation role) “My job is to find the best, the most user friendly, the most cost-effective way to do it.”

(On how to use video email) “Giving them education. Giving them a reason to talk to you. Maybe sending a copy of a contract. Just you and them, one on one.”

(On video email’s purpose) “Now I’ve accomplished taking email – same old, same old – and now putting me, the ‘me’ part of that, back into real estate.”

(On email marketing) “Email is necessary. Drip campaigns are part of a system you need.”

Jim Thornton, Exit Realty, Qualifying Broker and Owner:

Jim explains why he uses video marketing and describes a specific real estate use case for video email. A few quotes from this video:

“I’m a big believer in video marketing. It’s a good way for you to get your face in front of your clients.”

“If they’ve never seen you … (it gives them the) opportunity to see your face, hear your voice, so you have a connection.”

Click to See: 12 Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Click to See: Video Email and the Inman Next “Agent of Tomorrow” Research Project

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