Dec 2012

Why Video In Email Marketing: 3 Answers

Occasionally we’re asked “so, does video in email make a difference?” The answer is yes.

The benefits are intuitive; you add video to your email for all the same reasons you add it to websites, blog posts, landing pages, social media, and other spots online. It’s complete and compelling communication. It can be made to complement the text and images you’re using; they can work together to make the message clear and drive home the call to action. It helps build trust and rapport. The list goes on.


If you don’t accept the intuitive argument, I offer 3 approaches to the question. The first is a recent case study of one company’s experience. The second is a video from our customers about their experiences. The third is your own experience.

3 Answers to the “Why Video in Email” Question




1. The Ragan Communication Test

  • The company sent otherwise identical plain text, graphical, and video emails
  • All had similar open rates, which makes sense (the differences are inside)
  • The video email, though, had twice the click-through rate as the other types
  • Worth noting: open rates were around 7% and click through rates were less than 1%
  • Also worth noting: it wasn’t actually video in email; the video was hosted on a landing page
  • Read more: Marketing Sherpa rundown
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2. What Our Customers Say



3. See It Yourself

  • Start a free trial of BombBomb
  • Send 3 traditional emails and send 3 video emails
  • Send them to similar or comparable individuals or lists
  • See the differences for yourself – opens, clicks, replies, feedback
  • Send results to Ethan (at) BombBomb (dot) com

Underlying effective video email, of course, are all the things that make traditional email effective – like lists that are clean and current and messages that are timely and relevant. Even great videos can’t save poor email marketing. I expect that good videos can, however, make good email marketing great.

Add Video To Your Email: