May 2012

Use Custom Forms on Your Mobile Device for Quick and Easy Follow Up with New Leads


Custom forms, including completely custom fields, graphics, videos, specific CSS, and all kinds of other touches, are easy to make in the BombBomb video email marketing software.


Our first post about custom forms shows you how to build them.  A follow-up post describes why and how you might use them as simple landing pages.


Here, we’ll describe another specific, unique use case for custom forms that you may not have considered.


Using Custom Forms to Quickly and Easily Follow Up with New Leads:



The use of forms described in the video above is a great way for real estate agents to connect with new leads quickly, easily, actively, and on-site through a simple, custom form.  The hypothetical situation is one in which an agent gets a handful of names and email addresses at an open house, then follows up with a video email thanking prospective buyers for visiting, reminding them about the unique features of the home, and inviting them to schedule a private showing … automatically!  This is an especially useful differentiator for those prospects who’ve looked at several homes over a weekend.


Though the example here is a real estate agent at an open house, this concept can be applied to any live, in-person situation in which you’re meeting people. Think: initial client meeting, industry convention, trade show, or networking event.


The Process Inside BombBomb:

  • Create a new list for the event, situation, or use case.
  • Create an incredibly simple custom form (first name, last name, email address, phone number).
  • Link the form to the list (watch video above).
  • Decide if you want to send an automatic email follow up or if you’ll follow up manually later on.
  • If so, make the email and hook it up to the form as an autoresponder.
  • Consider creating a delay by creating and sending a one-email drip, rather than an immediate autoresponder (watch video above).
  • Set the closing action as a “Redirect to URL” and send it back to the form (see photo below).


Add YouTube Videos To Emails With BombBomb Video Email Marketing Software And Service


The Process On Your iPad, iPhone, Droid, Or Other Mobile Device:

  • Make note of the shortened vid.us url of your form (see image above).
  • Navigate to your form using your browser.
  • See that address becomes a longer “app.bombbomb.com/app/form…” url.
  • Create a shortcut to that url on your home screen or desktop (watch video above).
  • Test your link to the form and test the form by bringing it up, filling it out, and submitting it.
  • If you decide to go back to BombBomb to modify any aspects of the form, your mobile shortcut will still work.


The Process On Site:

  • Pop up the form from your mobile device home screen as needed.
  • Enter the name and email address of new people you meet with whom you’d like to follow up.
  • Click “submit” to trigger all the actions you set up – adding contact info to the list, sending an autoresponder or drip (if set up), and redirecting back to the form ready for another contact entry.


Try this out and, as always, please share your feedback! We love to learn how you’re using these ideas, creating your own, and making the most of your video email marketing software. Click here to contact BombBomb.

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May 2012

Shooting Videos for Video Email: Our Camera, Mic, and Tripod Set Up


One of our more popular blog posts is this one, which covers the pros and cons of the video cameras we use here at BombBomb.  So, it’s about time for an update.


Here, you’ll get a look at our most advanced set up, which isn’t advanced at all. We use it to shoot videos for video email, for blog posts, for social media sites, and for internal communication.


Our Camera, Mic, and Tripod Set Up for Video Email:



The 3 pieces of equipment in our video set up:


> Sony HDR-CX160 camcorder (approx $350)
> Sony ECM AW3 Bluetooth wireless microphone (approx $150)
> SLIK U8000 tripod (approx $50)
> Total cost: approx $550


Easy And Inexpensive Video Production for Video Marketing


We’ve had a good experience with all 3 of these products, but we do not necessarily endorse them.  There may be a better fit for your needs.


We really like to shoot outside.  It provides a very open feeling, plus the light is usually very good from 7-10am and 3-7pm.  If you like to do the same, we recommend adding a microphone to your set up.  Ours comes with a little windscreen that helps cut down on wind noise.


If you’re going to shoot indoors, you may want a simple light kit.  Ours cost about $150.  We’ll create a separate post on that.


Video Production Resources:


> Shop for our video camera, our microphone, our tripod

> Shop at HDHatStore (specializes in real estate but useful for everyone, has special video kits for iPhones and iPads)

> Shop at B&H Photo-Video-Audio

> Shop at Adorama

> Shop at Amazon

> Blog post: Video Cameras We Use at BombBomb

> Blog post: How-To Video Email Training Series 4 of 6 – Shooting, Editing, Uploading Videos

> Watch BombBomb videos on YouTube

> Watch BombBomb videos on Pinterest



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May 2012

Use Custom Forms As Simple Landing Pages


From the “Things You May Not Know You Can Do With BombBomb Video Email Marketing Software” file: using custom forms as simple landing pages.


Video – Using Custom Forms As Landing Pages:

Our recent upgrades in the Forms tab of our software gives you a powerful, dynamic tool.  It’s obviously useful for capturing leads.  It can even be used for simple surveys.  In this post, you’ll learn how to think about your forms as landing pages.


What’s a landing page?

A landing page is a web page designed for a specific person with a specific offer.  You might send someone to it through a specific pay-per-click campaign or focused social media campaign.  The main idea is that the page is very specifically focused on:

> getting the right people to the page
> making clear where they are, what they can do there, and why they should do it
> enabling them to do it (accept your offer)


What’s the offer?

This could be anything; it depends completely on the nature of your business or organization and on your marketing strategy.  It could be as simple as “subscribe to my newsletter.”  It could be “download my whitepaper” or “watch my video series” or “join my community” or “buy this thing.”  BombBomb makes three offers to prospects – receive an example of video email, start a free 14-day trial, or buy our video email service.


What aspects of the BombBomb custom forms tool allow it to be used this way?  


1. Every custom form you build automatically gets its own web page.  Each form you create gets a unique vid.us url that points to your form hosted on its own page.


Use Custom Forms Like Landing Pages


2. You can completely stylize the form.  We give you access to the CSS, so you can make it match your website or give it its own look.  In short, you can style it up just like a web page.


Style Sheets For Your Custom Forms


3. In addition to a headline and/or other text, you can add graphics and video to the top of your form.  With the “Source” button, you can add anything by HTML, as well.  This allows you to position your offer and compel people to take you up on it immediately adjacent to the transaction – completing the form fields.


Add Text Graphics Photos Videos To Your Custom Forms


4. By adding an HTML field to your form, you can further customize it and have it include unique elements or take on unique functionality.


Use Custom Forms As Landing Pages - Add HTML Fields For Customization


5. If your offer includes digital assets, you may even be able to fulfill the offer through the form tool.  It could be as an autoresponder, a drip campaign, a url redirect, or any of a variety of other options you have for people who complete the form.


Use Custom Forms As Landing Pages - Add HTML Fields For Customization


We’d love to know about unique ways you’re putting our software to work for you and your organization. Reach out and let us know!


Click to See: How-To – Building Custom Forms


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May 2012

Getting Started with Video Email – Intro Webinar


Every Wednesday morning at 12pm Eastern / 11am Central / 10am Mountain / 9am Pacific, we offer a free training webinar called “Getting Started with Video Email.”


This webinar covers all the basics of BombBomb, including getting your email contacts and lists into your account, uploading and recording videos into your account, then making, sending, and tracking the results of your emails and video emails. It should get you up and running with our video email marketing software.


In addition to about 45 minutes of show and tell, we do about 15 minutes of live questions and answers, so that your specific needs and interests get addressed.


Click below to play a recording of this intro to video email webinar held on Wednesday, May 2, 2012.


Getting Started with Video Email – Full Webinar:


We offer this intro webinar live every Wednesday. We also offer an advanced webinar – “Getting The Most From Video Email” – every other Thursday.


Attend An Upcoming Webinar: Intro and Advanced Dates and Times


Watch Our Training Series: Video Email How-To Lessons


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May 2012

Getting Started with Video Email Tip 3: Refer to Your Video


Our third tip for getting started with video email is to refer to your video.


Getting Started with Video Email Tip 3


As obvious as it may seem to you or me that a large image with a play button should be clicked an viewed, that may not be so for the people to whom you’re sending video email.


Because video email is still relatively new, many of your recipients may not be accustomed to or expecting to receive a video in your emails.  Especially if you’ve just made the the switch from traditional email with text and images only to video email, it helps to draw attention to this fact.  Per the Email Experience Council, “Simply using the word “video” in the subject line of email has been demonstrated to help achieve increases in open rates of up to 20% vs. an identical message body without the word “video” in the subject line.”


We expect that this benefit is short-lived, particularly if your email list is steady and growing.  After several sends, your regular email recipients will begin to see your video as a regular expectation.  For your new email contacts, video will be the status quo – and a unique, differentiating, relationship-building one at that.


Where To Refer To Your Video:

  • In the subject line (Add “Video:” or similar to the front of your subject line)
  • In the headline (Add “Video:” or “Watch Video:” to the front of your email headline)
  • In the email body (Use “click to watch the video above” or similar in opening text that covers the topic of your video)


For an extra layer of fun and interest, you can A/B test these.  Send half of your list an email with video references in the subject line, headline, and body.  Send the other half a video email without the references.  Do this on two or three sends.  Then, round up your open rates, video views, and results of your calls to action.


This will allow you to see the difference for yourself.  It will also tell you when you should begin tapering down the references to your video, because the bump you get from it will be reduced.


Note: if you go this route, share your results with us!



Getting Started Tip 1: Practice [Click to Watch]


Getting Started Tip 2: Start Small [Click to Watch]


Give It A Go!

If you’re not yet sending video email, now’s the time to give it a try. We require no credit card information and it’s completely free, so there’s no risk.


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Apr 2012

Major Upgrade: Custom Forms To Build Your Permission-Based Email Lists


Custom forms in the BombBomb video email marketing software are more custom than ever!


Overview Video: Custom Forms



With BombBomb custom forms, you can now:
  • Create completely custom fields
  • Drag and drop form fields in the order you prefer
  • Add videos and images to the top of your form
  • Add html fields to include videos, images, or anything else in the body of your form
  • Change the appearance of multiple-choice selections (radio buttons, check boxes, or drop downs)
  • Stylize your form with pre-made themes
  • Stylize your form with your own CSS
  • Much more!


With BombBomb custom forms, you can still:
  • Determine which fields are required and which are optional
  • Send immediate alerts to one or more people for every new form fill
  • Send autoresponders to people who fill out your form
  • Enter people into drip email campaigns after a form fill
  • Allow double-opt in for higher-permission lists
  • Allow people to sign up for multiple email lists in a single form
  • Much more!


Embedding Your Custom Forms


Each one of your forms is now hosted on its own web page on a custom vid.us url, so it’s easy to hide a form behind text or a button or to send people directly to it.  You could even call up the form on your mobile device and enter people through your form live, in person, and on-site wherever you are.


In addition, we still give you embed codes to place the form on your own website, behind a button, or behind a text link.


Tracking Your Custom Forms


You can see the results of your form fills as they come in.  You’ll see when each completion occurred and the entries into all the fields.  For multiple choice selections, we’ll also generate pie charts showing the rolling results (see example below).


In this way, it begins to function like a survey tool.  Create a new form.  Add a video intro to encourage form fills.  Create the series of questions.  Send people to the vid.us url on which the form lives.  Track your results!


Metrics, Charts, Pie Charts, Results, Form Fills, Custom Forms, Video Email, Email Marketing, Video Email Marketing, Email Marketing Software, Video Email Service


The new custom forms are more custom than ever in BombBomb.  We’ll continue to share insights, answer questions, and generate use cases related to custom forms as we go forward.


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