Jan 2013

How 17 Firms’ Successes During Downturn Relate To Video Email

REAL Trends recently published a whitepaper called Against All Odds. In it, editor Steve Murray explains in leaders’ own words how 17 real estate firms both survived and thrived through the recent economic and housing downturn. In reviewing it, I thought about how video email can help leaders of all kinds achieve success in similar ways.

Success of 17 Firms Through Downturn and Video Email:


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video email, email marketing, video email marketing, real estate marketing, ways to use, use cases, how, why, BombBomb

As mentioned in the video above, the REAL Trends piece is constructed primarily of quotes from interviews with leaders of the 17 firms who succeeded through the economic and housing downturn. Below are a handful of quotes selected for their connecting two main ideas: focusing on the internal customer (your employees and team members) and keeping everyone informed about what’s going on in the firm, in the local market, and in the industry overall.

“We focused intently on keeping all of our people well informed about what was going on with both the market and our company.”
“We became much more open to our staff and sales professionals. They all now participate in our planning. Rather than the owners telling everyone what we are going to do we let our people tell us what is possible.”
- Eddie Wilder, CEO, ERA Wilder, Columbia, SC

Build relationships with your people more than ever before and seek those who are most interested in the overall value of a relationship–not those who seek cheap.”
- Barry Kramer and Ashlie Van Winkle, OP and Team Leader, KW Sonoran Living, Phoenix, AZ

“Our main focus has always been making small, incremental improvements in everything we do every day. That and a focus on keeping everyone informed and engaged counted greatly.”
“We intensified the development of our leadership team so that we were all up to date at all times on what was happening in the market and in our company.”
- Dan Forsman, CEO, Prudential Georgia Realty, Atlanta, GA

“We work every day – all the time-on building strong relationships with not only our own people but with all of those in the market with whom we work with to get deals done for clients and customers.”
- Casey Cook, OP, KW Realty Green Meadow, Oklahoma City, OK

“Although we continued to add sales professionals through the downturn our big success came from focusing more on the people we had than the ones we wanted to recruit.”
“We looked at the change in the market and decided to re-allocate marketing and advertising resources away from print and significantly into the internet and the tools to maximize our returns there.” (I just threw this one in because it makes so much sense)
- David Reault, CEO, CENTURY 21 Row, Livonia, MI

“We decided that as close as we felt to our sales professionals we needed to get much closer still. These terrible times required stronger, more intimate relationships that were real.”
- Carla Thompson, Reata Connor, and Erica Hill, Team Leaders and OP, KW Boise, Boise, ID

“We focused on bringing our people together, sharing what is working for all and cutting frills that didn’t matter to sales professionals.”
- Kevin Chadwick, OP, KW Realty, Brandon, FL

“We focused on two things only. First, keep sales professionals positive, productive, professional and profitable. And align the goals of our staff with those of our sales professionals.”
- Dennis and Mary Lou Steed, Partners, RE/MAX Crossroads, Strongsville, OH

So what role can video email play? Especially for leaders whose team members are geographically spread or otherwise not immediately available (like brokers whose top producing agents are rarely in the office), video email is a personal and powerful way to recruit, onboard, train, coach, motivate, inspire, congratulate, and otherwise lead people.

The eye-to-eye, face-to-face communication includes all the emotion and non-verbal cues that help us build strong relationships. It can be very quick and very easy to simply turn on your webcam or iPhone and say exactly what you want to say to the person or people to whom you’d like to say it. [See A Customer Example Here]

Click the buttons above to download one or both of the Ways To Use Video Email PDFs. This post relates to the HR/Internal use case in 12 Ways and the Internal Communication use case in 16 Ways (Real Estate). You’ll also see several other ways you can build relationships and grow your business with our easy to use, completely trackable, and high touch tool.

Lead Your Team with Video Email: