Mar 2013

Video Email Customer Stories: Keller Williams Family Reunion

A BombBomb team spent the second week of February in Dallas for Keller Williams Family Reunion 2013 at the Dallas Convention Center. We taught KW operating principals, team leaders, and agents about our video email marketing software.

We greatly enjoyed meeting Continue reading

Feb 2013

Video Email Tip: How To Convert One Video File Format To Another

We like to make blog posts around frequently asked questions. FAQs provide a great foundation for marketing content in general. So, here’s an answer to a question we get often from our video email marketing software subscribers.

The question? How to convert a video file from one format or type to another.

Video: One Way To Convert One Video File Format To Another


There are many ways to convert a video file from one format to another. Several free programs are available for download. You can also run it through a video editing program and use the export settings to turn your original file into one of another type.

What I’ll show you here is the VLC media player. I like it because a) it’s free, b) it gives you a nice, universal media player, and c) it converts files nicely.

After you download and install it, here’s the step-by-step:

  • Click “Media” in top right corner, then “Convert/Save”
  • Click “Add” on the right and locate the file you want to convert
  • Click “Convert/Save” in lower right and choose “Convert”
  • Choose the location and name of the new file (the Destination file)
  • Take care to add the “.mp4″ to the Destination file when you name it
  • Stick with the default should be “H.264 + AAC (MP4)”
  • Feel free to click the crossed tools button to change video and audio settings
  • Click “Start” then watch the progress across the very bottom of the player
  • Look for your file at its destination!

The reason I leave you with an H.264 MP4 file is because that’s the preferred file format of both YouTube and BombBomb. As mentioned, there are many other ways to do this – this is a good, free one.

Video: See the Step-by-Step to Convert Video with VLC


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