Aug 2014

Video Email Examples: Recruiting Real Estate Agents

Successfully recruiting real estate agents means building relationships. As such, many brokers, owners, managers, and recruiters are using video email to make recruiting touches; it helps agents feel like they know you before you even meet them.

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Aug 2014

4 Ways to Use Video to Grow Your Business

BombBomb makes it easy to connect with people, build relationships, and grow your business with video. In this video, Darin Dawson, co-founder and Chief Relationship Officer, shares 4 ways to use video to grow your business.

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Aug 2014

Know Your Audience When Sending Video Email

People don’t have the same needs, interests, or motivations. When talking with particular a person or a segment of people, you likely adjust your message and delivery to meet those needs, serve those interests, and speak to those motivations.

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Jul 2014

Video Email Example: Staying in Touch with Past Clients

“Thanks again for your help finding my house! The first year has been great. I love how you guys have been following up with me. If I have anyone that is going to be looking for houses I will be sending them your way.” Would you like to hear that from a client? Below is the video email that produced that reply. Continue reading

Jul 2014

Webinar Recording; What CASL Means for Your Marketing

If you’re sending any emails, text messages, direct social media messages, or other commercial electronic messages to or from Canadian email addresses, you need to know about CASL, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.

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