Nov 2014

2 Ways and 2 Reasons to Send Videos In Gmail Emails

“I can’t describe my feeling right now. Wow! Boom! The first time in my life someone replied my email, called my name, in a VIDEO! So cool!

One thing I have to do is I have to let everybody know about BombBomb, I will have them jump on board! Boom!”
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Nov 2014

Get More Online Reviews with Video Email

“I really haven’t put a lot of time into building my recommendations or reviews on Trulia.”

Would your confession be like that of Andy Alger, who shared those words with us? If so, learn how to get more online reviews with BombBomb video email.
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Nov 2014

Wise Agent Integration: Build Relationships with BombBomb Videos in Your CRM

Wise Agent helps real estate agents build relationships, manage contacts, and manage transactions. BombBomb helps people build relationships through video.

Now, you can build relationships with BombBomb inside Wise Agent.
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Oct 2014

Video Is Not the Differentiator – YOU Are

Some people come to BombBomb looking for a differentiator. And in our service, people find exactly that – a way to help you stand out and to have people feel more connected to you. More on that connection here.

What’s often confused, though, is how video differentiates you from competitors. More than video, you are the differentiator. You’re the bomb!
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