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Mar 2014

“Tell Stories” and Find Out How I Lost My Finger

Successful sales teams and business owners are good story tellers.  The power of story allows you to connect on a deep level.  People do business with you because they like you, they trust you and your product or service meets their needs.  Continue reading

Aug 2013

Explore Zapier Connections to Automate Your Video Email

Zapier is a great middleware that allows you to set up if/then actions to happen automatically. With it, you can trigger actions in BombBomb and more than 200 other services with ease.

Setting up a Zap can save you time and energy, eliminate repetitive tasks from your routine, and make your work between two pieces of software more efficient. Continue reading

Mar 2013

Social Media and Content Marketing: Tom Ferry with Gary Vaynerchuk

We recently visited Las Vegas to attend RE/MAX R4, an annual conference with thousands of brokers and agents from across the country and around the world. BombBomb set up a booth in the Marketplace to teach RE/MAX professionals about our video email marketing software.

A secondary benefit: Gary Vaynerchuk Continue reading

Mar 2013

Making Video That’s “Good Enough” – Tom Ferry with Gary Vaynerchuk

Check out this great video with coach, strategist, business builder, and NYT best selling author Tom Ferry and NYT and WSJ best selling author, self-trained wine and social media expert, and VaynerMedia founder Gary Vaynerchuk.

They connected backstage at the MGM Grand Continue reading