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Mar 2013

Social Media and Content Marketing: Tom Ferry with Gary Vaynerchuk

We recently visited Las Vegas to attend RE/MAX R4, an annual conference with thousands of brokers and agents from across the country and around the world. BombBomb set up a booth in the Marketplace to teach RE/MAX professionals about our video email marketing software.

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Mar 2013

Making Video That’s “Good Enough” – Tom Ferry with Gary Vaynerchuk

Check out this great video with coach, strategist, business builder, and NYT best selling author Tom Ferry and NYT and WSJ best selling author, self-trained wine and social media expert, and VaynerMedia founder Gary Vaynerchuk.

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Jun 2012

How-To: Embedding Your BombBomb Custom Form In Your Facebook Page


In this post, you’ll get step-by-step instructions to place a custom form you build in the BombBomb video email marketing software on your Facebook page.  Many of you asked about this, because you know that forms are a great tool to generate and capture leads and you’re actively using Facebook for marketing.


You can use your custom form in Facebook in two main ways.  The first and more permanent way is by embedding it as a tab or app; this is best for standing opportunities and offers.  The second and more temporary is by sharing it to your timeline, then featuring it; this is best for short term and special offers.


We’re using it in the first way and that’s what we’ll look at in this post.  We’ll cover the second way in the next post.


To get involved with BombBomb you can: 1) become a paying customer, 2) try it free for 2 weeks, or 3) receive a video email example.  We created a form for the third option.  It’s placed throughout our website, but we also placed it on our Facebook page behind a tab.

Facebook Tab: “Email”/”Get A Video Email!” For Custom Form

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Custom Form: Embedded In Our Facebook Page

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Video: Tips Related To Embedding Your Custom Form On Facebook

This video does not show you all the step-by-step instructions below. Instead it shows these 3 things:

  • Where to find your custom form embed code in BombBomb (copy)
  • Where to place your embed code in the Static HTML app (paste)
  • How to change the description and graphic for your Facebook tabs


Step-By-Step Instructions: Embedding Your Form As a Facebook Tab

> Click – (link found by Google search for “Static HTML: iframe tabs”)

> Click – “Add Static HTML to Page”

> Will bring up a star graphic that says Welcome

Click on the star

In your BombBomb account, in the “Forms” tab, click the “embed” button for the form you want to embed

Copy the “Embedded” code (iframe code), the paste it into the “Public Content” box of the Static HTML set up

Expand dimensions in the beginning of the code as necessary (we used 700 pixels wide x 600 pixels tall)

(Ignore the “[Optional] Fans-only content” box for our purposes here)

Click “preview” next to “save” to see what it looks like

Can change the graphic and the description from “Welcome” and the star that come with it (see video above)

Static HTML App: Placing Your Custom Form iFrame Embed Code

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Make And Place Forms Free For 2 Weeks:

No credit card info required.  No cost.  No risk.

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Feb 2012

Video Email for Real Estate – Webinar Part 2 – Philosophy


This is Part 2 of a webinar presented Tuesday, February 7, 2012.  It was designed as an introduction to video email marketing for real estate, mortgage, and title professionals.


The webinar, called “Building Relationships and Selling Homes with Video Email,” covers who we are, why you care, agenda, our philosophy, intro to email marketing, video basics, and specific real estate use cases for video email.


The video below covers the BombBomb philosophy – the main ideas underlying what we do and why we do it – permission marketing, building relationships, using multiple channels, and more.


Video Email for Real Estate Professionals – Our Philosophy:



Click to See:  Webinar Part 3 – Basics of Email Marketing


Give BombBomb a Try Right Now:

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Dec 2011

How To: Video Player Sharing and Embedding

BombBomb is video email marketing, but it’s also video hosting, video sharing, video embedding, and video streaming.


With your reasonable monthly subscription, BombBomb allows you to upload an unlimited number of videos.  Supported file types include mp4, mpg, mov, avi, flv, mpeg, wmv, and m4v.


Each of those videos can be up to 2.5GB in size. That’s bigger than YouTube or Vimeo allows. That’s the size of a feature length film.  Needless to say, few if any of our customers have ever come anywhere close to that file size limit, because they’re primarily focused on quick, personal videos for one, many, or all people on their permission-based email lists.


Once uploaded, your videos are pushed to our global content delivery network (CDN), so they can be streamed anywhere at any time.  All the analytics for plays of these videos is available inside your BombBomb account.


5 Ways to Share Your Videos from BombBomb:

  • Send out in your video emails
  • With an automatically-generated, shortened url (web address)
  • Straight to Facebook
  • Straight to Twitter
  • With three sizes of automatically-generated embed codes


Both you and your video email recipients are able to do all these things.


Watch the video below – and play with its share button – to see how these video player features work.  It was embedded with the large size embed code copied out of my BombBomb account and pasted into WordPress.


How-To Video – BombBomb Video Player Sharing and Embedding:


Want to upload and share an unlimited number of videos with BombBomb?  Check out our insanely reasonable pricing.


Want to see some customer testimonial videos (dropped into our website with medium sized embed codes from my BombBomb account)? Visit our Video Testimonial page.


Have any questions? Here are several different ways to contact BombBomb.
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