Feb 2012

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Video: Visit from The Rook – Keller Williams Realtor and Tech Trainer

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A Keller Williams realtor and technology trainer from Dallas, Jason Esparza “The Rook” is a great guy, a “tech geek,” and strong advocate of video email. He’s been working with BombBomb for a few months now.


We were excited to meet him at the Keller Williams Family Reunion 2012 event in Orlando, Florida, when he stopped by to say hi, demo some cool, new equipment, and shoot a quick video with us.


Video – The Rook on BombBomb Video Email:



In the video above, The Rook calls BombBomb “an amazing product.” Why? For the main reason we built the software – to connect with people.


“As a realtor and trainer, I get to send out emails where I get to look my audience in the eye and tell them exactly what is going on and there’s definitely a connection there.”


With regard to features, he points to the drip campaigns and autoresponders as great follow-up tools. And as a self-professed “geek,” he adds that “the analytics … the tracking … is amazing,” adding the rhetorical question “How do you know if your newsletters are working if you’re not tracking the data?


The bottom line: “You’ve gotta get BombBomb.”


Thanks to Jason “The Rook” Esparza for finding us, using our software, stopping by to see us, and sharing these kind words!


Check out another video below in which The Rook runs through an iPhone device that lets you attach different lenses and mount it to a tripod – and the movie making kit for the iPad.

Video – The Rook on New iPhone and iPad Tools:



The Rook’s all over the internet. Check him out on Twitter, on Facebook, at eEdgeHelp.com, or any of a variety of other places!


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