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Jul 2014

Get CASL Express Consent with BombBomb Forms

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, which took effect July 1, 2014, requires that you get “express consent” to send email and other CEMs (“commercial electronic messages) to people.

The deadline to opt people in to CASL express consent is July 1, 2017. You should be devising your strategy now. Continue reading

Jul 2013

How BombBomb Handles Video In Email Marketing

What’s the best way to handle video in email marketing?” It’s a great question and one recently tackled in this “mailbag” blog post (click to see) by blogger, author, speaker, podcaster, and marketer Christopher S Penn.

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Jul 2013

Email Crushing Social Media for Customer Acquisition and Lifetime Value

“Crushing” was the word choice of Marcus Wohlsen in this story (click) about email for Wired.

Customer acquisition and retention platform Custora monitors customer acquisition and lifetime value by marketing channel. In their recently published 2Q 2013 report (see it here), two of the top findings were about the strength of email marketing. Continue reading

Jun 2013

Ways To Use Video Email: Personal Video Business Card

We appreciate all our customers. Among them: long-time BombBomber Pete Green of Dynamic Mortgage Services in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. He’s always in touch, replies to newsletters, shares great ideas, uses the software incredibly well, sends video tips to real estate, mortgage, and title professionals, and more.

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Jun 2013

Video Email Training Series – 2 of 2 – Emails, Forms, Drips

Once or twice per year, BombBomb updates a tutorial video series covering the successful use of our video email marketing software, as well as the ideas behind it all.

In the previous blog post (see it here), the tutorials provided an introduction, covered lists and contacts, and explained how to shoot and upload videos. Continue reading