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Feb 2014

Email List Segmentation Based on Your Receipients’ Opens, Clicks, and Plays

With the BombBomb video email marketing software, you’ve long been able to do email list segmentation based on your recipients’ email opens, link clicks, and video plays. Now, you can also make new, segmented lists based on non-actions – people who didn’t open an email, for example. Continue reading

Dec 2013

Real Estate Marketing Content Created For You [Playbook]

Over and over, real estate agents have told us, “We love your software but wish you would write real estate marketing content for us.”

We’ve answered your plea and have partnered with best-selling author and real estate coach Dirk Zeller of Real Estate Champions to bring you Playbook: email content and video scripts you can use in your real estate business today. Continue reading

Oct 2013

Send & Receive Video Email through Your “Contact” Forms

Several weeks back, we shared here on the BombBomb blog that you can add a video recorder to your forms. The purpose in the example was to collect customer testimonial videos.

Here: a different use case – receiving videos while you’re halfway around the world. Continue reading