Jun 2012

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How-To: Sharing Your Custom Form To Your Facebook Page

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In this post, you’ll learn a few ways to share your custom form built in the BombBomb video email marketing software on your Facebook page.  Many of you have asked about forms on Facebook, because forms help generate and capture leads and you’re regularly using Facebook for marketing.


You can use your custom form in Facebook by embedding it or by sharing it.  Embedding it as a tab or app is the more permanent way – more suitable for standing opportunities and offers.  Sharing it as a link in a new post is the more temporary way – more suitable for short term and special offers.


We covered embedding a custom form in Facebook in a previous post.  Here, we’ll cover sharing.  Sharing has the advantage of going out to your fans’ and friends’ news feeds, rather than requiring them to come to your wall.  The disadvantage, of course, is that sharing is far more perishable (really – look at your Facebook insights and recognize that Facebook is selling guaranteed broader reach of your posts).


As you may or may not know, you can share your emails, videos, and forms from inside your BombBomb account directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.  Even though we’re focusing on forms, the concepts covered here apply equally to your emails and videos.



Sharing to Facebook From Your BombBomb Account

In your Emails, Forms, or Videos tab, you’ll see direct sharing to 4 top social media sites on the right side of each asset (either email, form, or video).  Be sure to be logged in to Facebook as your business or organization, rather than as yourself, if you want the share to go up as the business page.
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How-To: Ways To Share Your Custom Form On Facebook

> Share the form from your BombBomb account – or – copy and paste the vid.us link for your form as a new Facebook post (copy the vid.us link from BombBomb and paste to the “Write something …” status box on your Facebook page)
> Give your fans and friends one or more specific reasons why they should click through and sign up (by adding a description to the link – see video below)
> The post is now on your Facebook wall and in your fans’ or friends’ news feeds
> To enhance the size of the post on your wall, click the “”Highlight” link (star) in top right corner of this new post
To keep the post at the top of your wall for one week, click the “Edit or Remove” link (pencil) in top right of post and choose “Pin To Top” (will be marked with a little orange ribbon)

Custom Form: Shared to Facebook as Regular Link

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Custom Form: Facebook “Highlight”


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Custom Form: Facebook “Pin To Top”

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Video: Tips Related To Sharing Your Custom Form On Facebook

This video shows you:

  • How to share your custom form to Facebook from your BombBomb account
  • How to copy and paste your custom form as a Facebook post
  • How to “Highlight” your form as a Facebook post
  • How to “Pin To Top” your form as a Facebook post





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