Oct 2011

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Click Mapping – See Where Links In Your Email Are Getting Clicked

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This is a “Did You Know?” type of post about tracking and analytics in BombBomb video email marketing software.

As you’d expect, you can track delivery, opens, clicks, video views, sharing to Facebook and Twitter, and more. Specific to tracking clicks, did you know we map that for each and every email you send?

Take a Look at Your Click Mapping in BombBomb:

In the “Emails” tab, click the “track” button for any one of your sent emails (between the “send” and “delete” buttons).

There you’ll see all the main analytics for that email.  If you scroll down, you’ll see a representation of your email, along with a heat map or click map showing which links were clicked and how many times each link was clicked.

I’ve circled each of the three links that got clicked in an email I sent last week:

Click Tracking in Your Email

Keeping an eye on your click maps helps tell you which links are most effective – where they’re located in the email, what kind of calls to action they have, why people are opening your emails, and more.  Tracking this over time will help make you more effective at sending engaging email – and at getting better results.

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