Apr 2014

Video Email : A Win-Win all the Way Around

BombBomb, always looking to build relationships, reached out and asked our customers for stories. Here’s a great one we titled “Win-Win all the way Around”

Laura Anderson from Keller Williams Premier Realty in Minnesota shares with us how video email helped her create a win-win all the way around.  She also shares a special talent!

Video: Win-Win all the Way Around


“Your never going to be perfect, so do it and do it now and just let it go”

“I use it everyday touching base with clients and leads”

“I had been trying for 9 months to set an lunch date with a vendor, I sent her a BombBomb video email and she immediately called me.  We got together later that day and I was able to give her a great referral. It was a win-win all the way around” 

“I cant imagine not using it”


  • The sooner you start using BombBomb video email to nurture and grow relationship the better. Don’t wait until everything is perfect.  Just do it!
  • Video email allows you to open the door to vendor relationships.
  • Use BombBomb to introduce yourself and start a relationship with “Referral Centers”
  • BombBomb video email allows you to share your personality and bring a smile to the recipient.

Start creating win-wins all the way around and start a free trial today.

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